New Prague fashion boutique showcases Ukrainian styles

Open since last November, the ÓDYAH boutique brings Ukrainian fashion to the Slovanský dům shopping center in central Prague. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 21.01.2023 12:18:00 (updated on 21.01.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

A new fashion boutique billed as Prague's first Ukrainian concept store is now showcasing Ukrainian brands in the Czech capital. ÓDYAH officially opened its doors at Prague's high-end Slovanský dům shopping center in November.

Founded by Prague-based Ukrainians Halyna Huchkaniuk and Iryna Hrebeniuk, ÓDYAH aims to showcase the best of Ukrainian fashion to consumers in the Czech Republic as well as tourists from across the globe.

Currently boasting a total of 14 Ukrainian fashion brands and designers, the new boutique also wants to impress shoppers with the quality handiwork and original style of contemporary Ukrainian fashion.

"[ÓDYAH is] a space in the center of Prague where every woman can satisfy her shopping needs through sympathetic service, through quality leisure time in a pleasant environment... We want to share all our values," Huchkaniuk told Prague-based Radio Ukraine after the store opened.

"We would like to treat our guests like we would at home... Because Ukrainians welcome people like no one else," she added.

"We have gathered an incredible team, a selection of brands that will complement each other and that will not compete with each other, and each will showcase its own unique features."

Over the past year, millions of Ukrainians have fled their home country following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. An estimated 400,000 ended up in the Czech Republic, and while Germany and Poland have accepted a higher total number of refugees, Czechia has welcomed the most per capita.

Ukrainian businesses have been popping up across the Czech capital over that time, and have included a Ukrainian bistro in Prague 4 and a Ukrainian food truck at Prague Market. ÓDYAH, meanwhile, bills itself as Prague's first Ukrainian concept store.

"In every thing, I see a kind of freedom, a manifestation of creativity, of courage," ÓDYAH co-owner Hrebeniuk told Radio Ukraine. "When I look at a Ukrainian brand, I see how it conveys energy, freedom, lightness, love."

More information about ÓDYAH can be found at the boutique's official website, and you can keep up to date with the boutique's latest styles through their Instagram or Facebook pages.

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