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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on (updated on 13.06.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

Expats.cz Jobs is a proven and successful way to recruit candidates in the Czech Republic that speak different languages, including English, German, French, Italian and other European and world languages.

As Expats.cz is also a media network, it means that the hundreds of articles we publish each month, attract new potential candidates to our job offers too. It's the perfect symbiotic mix of great quality content and relevant opportunities that makes Expats.cz Jobs so unique and so powerful.

We work with some of the biggest recruiters in Prague, including Exxon Mobil, JNJ, Accenture, Expedia, Manpower and hundreds of partners who use our system each month to find skilled candidates with language skills.

How can we help you?

Post your jobs with credits

We offer 2 ways to present your jobs, with either a "Basic Job Post" or a "Premium Job Post". You can get 3x higher performance with a Premium, including visibility in Expats.cz content, auto topping and much more.


Key benefits

  • Reach candidates that speak different languages
  • Get an average of 19 CVs per premium job post
  • Reach candidates who visit Expats.cz for content

Job credits (buy online)

Job credits (contact us)

  • 30 Credits : 43,500 CZK + DPH
  • 40 Credits : 57,000 CZK + DPH
  • 50 Credits : 70,000 CZK + DPH
  • 100 Credits : 120,000 CZK + DPH
  • 200 Credits : 200,000 CZK + DPH
  • 300 Credits : 260,000 CZK + DPH
  • 400 Credis : 320,000 CZK + DPH
  • 600 Credits : 450,000 CZK + DPH

New! Expats.cz Job Feature

Boost your job position's visibility across all expats.cz article content and homepage with the new Expats.cz Jobs Feature. Your job listing will be promoted and found inside popular content such as news articles, lifestyle, tips and culture.

HR Articles

HR Branding Articles

We successfully help our HR clients present job opportunities to our readers, with engaging native articles that really work. We help them reach tens of thousands of readers, raise awareness of their HR brand and deliver new ways for candidates to find and discover their opportunities. Tell your story with us and inspire new candidates. 

Article case studies

Key benefits

  • Thousands of people will read about your company and job opportunities
  • A typical article is read by 8,000 to 15,000 readers
  • Average clicks to websites are 500 to 2,000 per article
  • Shared across Expats.cz Facebook page and all social media platforms
  • An excellent way to reach candidates who may not be actively "looking"
  • Presented in key news sections and on Expats.cz Jobs homepage


  • 1 HR Article : 60,000 CZK + DPH

Expats.cz Job Partner

Become a top tier job partner and present your company and your job opportunities across Expats.cz with logo branding and a professional SEO optimized job profile presentation. Be seen as a main recruiter and raise your profile as a leading job provider among our readers.

What is included?

(A) Logo Placement

  • Shown on Expats.cz Jobs homepage
  • Promoted across Expats.cz content

(B) Job Profile

  • List of all active positions from your company in one place
  • An interactive presentation of your brand & environment
  • Fully SEO optimized for leading search engines (Google, etc).

(C) Partners presented in filter & search results

(D) Branding Header

  • Graphical header & uniform logo on all job positions
Jobs AB
Jobs AB

Job partner pricing

  • 12 Months : 180,000 CZK + DPH

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