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Written by Staff Published on 29.03.2021 12:00:00 (updated on 11.05.2022) Reading time: 5 minutes

Our history A leader for over 20 years

Established in 2001, provides quality, independent daily news coverage about the Czech Republic while guiding our readers to the best services in English. We cover all aspects of living in the Czech Republic and welcome a diverse readership who live in or are considering or in the process of relocating to the Czech Republic.

For all advertising inquiries write to or call +420 774 225 788 or visit our contact page. For demographics, and key data, download our media kit.

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our core values We help navigate life in Czechia

  • We aim to keep our readers informed, educated, and entertained about the issues that concern foreigners in Czechia via daily news coverage and reported features.
  • We work only with clients and advertisers who have been thoroughly vetted by our editorial team and strive to empower our readers to make informed decisions.
  • We are a private and independently-run news organization offering impartial news coverage and a portfolio of other services.

Our audience Diverse, educated, and engaged

How can we help your business?

We will present your business to our readers via engaging native articles that utilize powerful storytelling in our trusted brand voice. We will introduce your service and business with impact and authority. We will bring you real traffic, interest, engagement, and real customers.

  • We will work with you to tell your story in a natural, organic way.
  • You will receive increased awareness and real customers.
  • Our editorial team will guide you every step of the way.

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Native articles & PR

Optimize interest in your company among our English-speaking audience and present your organization in a native format from a trusted source. Our editorial team will create a professionally written, high-impact story in English about your company, designed especially for our readership to draw maximum attention to your business. This form of native advertising is much more effective than traditional advertising and brings you clear and proven ROI.

Article case studies

Key benefits

  • Thousands of people will learn about your business and service
  • An average article is viewed 8,000 to 15,000 times
  • Average clicks to websites are 500 to 1,000 per article
  • Shared across social media platforms

Partner article: 35,000 CZK + DPH

A powerful tool for spreading the word about your brand, partner articles are well-researched feature articles packaged as an interesting long-form profile, trend piece, or interview with key members of your organization. These articles, written by professional journalists, appear seamlessly in our editorial line-up as a native piece of content.

  • Production time: 30 days

Partner article 'light': 25,000 CZK + DPH

Our editorial team will work from your preexisting promotional materials or press release to craft a fun, buzzy short-format native article that appears as a column, review, or listicle on our site. Similar to a partner article, our editorial team will develop a professionally written profile of your company designed to help give your hiring campaign added lift.

  • Production time: 14 days

PR article : 22,000 CZK + DPH

A commercial article lets clients leverage the power of our editorial platform by placing your pre-written materials on our site. Your text is carefully proofread prior to publication and attractively positioned among our daily news feed.

  • Production time: 7 days

HR article : 50,000 CZK + DPH

We successfully help our HR clients present job opportunities to our readers, with engaging native articles that really work. We help them reach tens of thousands of readers, raise awareness of their HR brand and deliver new ways for candidates to find and discover their opportunities. Tell your story with us and inspire new candidates.

Native article examples:

HR article examples:

For all advertising inquiries write to or call +420 774 225 788 or visit our contact page. For demographics, and key data, download our media kit.

Client feedback & testimonials

“Our partnership with has proven to be extremely successful with strong engagement and several completed sales. As the leading real estate company for foreigners in Prague, it made sense to align ourselves with the best.” - Ian Peters, Prague Lux Real Estate

“The professional article that wrote for us speaks for itself. It is witty, compelling, an in-depth piece that beautifully represents our company’s unique backstory and personality and clues readers in on the experiences we provide. We’re thrilled to have had many bookings from our cooperation.” - Bonita Rhoads, Insight Cities

“I would like to thank the Expats team for their professionalism. My article and campaign brought many clients immediately! Most importantly people got to know more about my company. Thank you for this and future cooperation.” - Pavel Greiner, Owner at Autoškola King

“We were satisfied with the cooperation with We prepared two successful articles and raised awareness of our law firm among the expat community. The team is very friendly and helpful and we are looking forward to our next collaboration.” - Mgr. Daniel Macek, CEO, MACEK.LEGAL

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