Prague man (successfully) robs store with own penis

A Prague man was able to get away with thousands of crowns after brandishing his own member and claiming it was a knife

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 28.01.2019 06:16 (updated on 28.01.2019) Reading time: 1 minute

“Give me the money,” the thief said. “I have a knife.”

But he wasn’t holding a knife.

This was the curious case of a robbery that occurred in Prague’s city center on December 20, when a purportedly-armed assailant entered a shop on Na Florenci street, reports

The man, who has since been apprehended by police, waited in line until he was with the sales assistant.

“He turned to the woman behind the counter and said: ‘Give me the money’,” described Prague Police spokesperson Tomáš Hulan.

“He then he took his penis out of his pants and added, ‘I have a knife with me’.”

The question of whether the thief had intended to brandish his own member is a matter of speculation.

“Whether the robber himself became confused in the heat of the moment and accidentally reached into his trousers elsewhere than intended is still unknown,” said Hulan.

Still, the stickup was at least initially successful. The sales assistant was so shocked that the crook managed to grab thousands of crowns from the register and make a clean getaway.

Afterwards, however, he was quickly apprehended. And police soon discovered that he had been running another scam on the streets of central Prague.

“The accused claimed to be employed by a radio station that drove a promo car through the streets of the Prague every day, each time in different place,” Hulan described.

“And whoever spotted it would win a cash prize in the order of tens of thousands of crowns. The accused claimed to have information about where this car would be during the day, so there would be no problem finding it and winning.”

Of course, he charged sums of up to a thousand crowns for this fraudulent information.

Because police suspect the cocky thief of running more scams in Prague, they have published his photo in local media and asked citizens to come forward if they have more information about his activities.

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