Czechs Find Infidelity “Relaxing” Say Experts

Most Czechs in a committed relationship admit to cheating for a number of reasons

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 24.05.2016 12:40:50 (updated on 24.05.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

Findings from a survey conducted in April by the STEM/MARK agency and reported by and other Czech media outlets revealed that a total of 37 percent of Czechs in a comitted relationship were unfaithful to their partners.

The agency interviewed 980 heterosexual people between 15 and 59 years and found that for more than half of the group, flings were a one-off, while a third of the unfaithful hoped to keep their affair going as long as possible. Every twenty-fifth cheater had multiple partners.

Laura Janáčková of the Institute of Sexology in Prague told the publication that infidelity is often something people do for relaxation as they are usually also unhappy in their relationship. Others experiment because they feel that their sex life at home is boring.

Six percent of those polled admitted to having dalliances with persons of the same sex. A quarter of the people interviewed did not consider same-sex intercourse adultery. Nearly two-fifths of respondents said that they would forgive their partner if he or she ended the romance. Just three out of ten said they would leave their long-term partner over an affair.

Only a third of the people surveyed reported to have used a condom, a scary stat that could explain the record number of new HIV patients reported in the Czech Republic. In February, doctors registered 36 cases, the highest monthly number since the beginning of monitoring in 1985.

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