Czech morning news in brief: Top stories for Dec. 14, 2020

A Monday govt. meeting will decide the next moves for anti-COVID restrictions while the weekend saw large crowds descend on Old Town

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Published on 14.12.2020 08:58 (updated on 14.12.2020)

Govt. to discuss move to fourth-risk level, new testing date, school closure

The coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic is intensifying again, with the risk score rising to 71 points over the weekend. Last week, Health Minister Jan Blatný said that he would propose a return to the fourth degree of the anti-epidemic PES system, while PM Babis proposed an early closure of schools and expedited date for public antigen testing. A move to the fourth level, on the table at today's government meeting, would mean restaurants and hotels would once again close their doors. Read more here.

Old Town Square weekend photos reveal mask-less crowds

The third Advent weekend in the Czech Republic was marked by shopping and walking around the Czech capital, iDnes reports. Although the main Christmas markets are not taking place on the Old Town Square this year, photographers captured a full square on Saturday with little social distancing or mask-wearing protocols in place as the country prepares to return to a partial lockdown. See full story here.

Survey: Six in ten Czechs are in favor of re-tightening anti-COVID measures

Six out of ten people said they would not mind if the government tightened anti-coronavirus measures again. The data was compiled by a Median survey for Czech Radio. According to the survey, three-fifths of people also assume that they will not reduce contacts with family and friends during the Christmas holidays due to the epidemic. A quarter of people postponed a doctor's visit due to fears of coronavirus infection, the survey showed. Read more here.


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Czech retailers reporting record sales through the weekend

Retail sales for the third weekend of Advent increased up to double compared to last year. Czech shoppers bought toys, underwear, pet supplies and coins made of precious metals. In addition to gifts, there is still interest in Christmas decorations and trees. In food, people look for goods for baking, they also buy ready-made cookies and Christmas presents. The numbers were reveals by a CTK survey among sellers.

5-meter-long carp statue unveiled Sunday

A roughly five-meter-long carp statue was ceremoniously unveiled at a new roundabout in Pohořelice in the Brno Region. The carp head is made of a stone block, the body and fins are made of stainless steel. The roundabout will start serving drivers on Monday, said mayor Miroslav Novák. The town is a center of fish farming in the Czech Republic. Carp is a part of the traditional Czech holiday meal.