VIDEO: Czech emergency responders rescue 40 skiers trapped on chairlift

Firefighters and police in the Jeseniky mountains rescued 41 skiers over the weekend when a chairlift

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 19.02.2019 10:32:01 (updated on 19.02.2019) Reading time: 1 minute

It’s many a skier’s worst nightmare: halfway up the mountain, the chairlift stops its journey, leaving you perilously dangling up in the air.

In the B-grade horror movie Frozen (no, not that Frozen), three skiers decide that rather than freeze to death, they’ll risk a plunge into the snow below, and… well, no spoilers.

But in the Jeseniky mountains over the weeked, about 40 skiers were faced with the same scenario when a chairlift at the Filipovice ski resort suddenly halted due to a mechanical problem, leaving them quite literally hanging.

Lucky for these skiers, staff at the resort were on hand to notify emergency responders, who were quickly on the scene.

What followed was a daring rescue operation that involved police, firefighters, mountain and field workers, and even helicopter.

Within 90 minutes, emergency responders had successfully brought all 40 stranded passengers back to the ground.

Check out the video of the rescue operation posted to Facebook by the HZSOL Firefighters from the Olomouc Region:

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