Prague takes preventative flooding measures after heavy rainfall

With rain in the forecast through the next week in the Czech Republic, Prague has closed the popular Náplavka embankments.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 15.05.2021 12:57:00 (updated on 15.05.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

Following heavy rainfall heading into the weekend and more rain in the forecast over the upcoming days, the city of Prague is taking preventative measures to plan for potential flooding in areas of the city that may be at risk.

Prague's Náplavka embankments are closed to all traffic until further notice, meaning that the popular farmers market won't be operating this weekend.

In addition, the city has closed the flood gates at the Čertovka canal that runs through the city center. Further upstream, boat traffic through the Modřany canal has also been suspended.

Along with the preventative measures taken by the city, several boats and ferries including those sailing to Prague Zoo have been suspended.

Navalis celebrations on the Vltava river this weekend are still planned to take place as scheduled, though some events have been cancelled and the city is in communication with organizers should the situation worsen.

"Due to the warning of flood vigilance, Prague is taking preventive anti-flood measures," Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib tweeted yesterday afternoon.

"Today, the Prague embankments will be closed and the gates at Čertovka will be closed. The city is also in contact with the organizers of the weekend Navalis Festival."

Organizers of the Náplavka farmers market have also let visitors know that this weekend's markets will not be operating.

The city has also advised residents not to park their cars at the embankments or floodplain areas directly adjacent to the Vltava river.

While water levels on the Vltava river are not yet within the range of flood warnings, Prague hydrologists predict they will reach the first (lowest) warning level today.

Scattered showers are in the forecast during the day on Saturday, but more heavy rainfall is expected overnight and especially on Sunday morning.

Prague has a history of flooding that includes incidents in recent years. Widespread flooding in 2002 had long-lasting impact in many areas of the city center, and isolated flooding in 2013 brought back some of those memories.

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