Prague Fringe 2012 Review: Le Foulard

Lucy Hopkins’ latest fringe offering

Lisette Allen

Written by Lisette Allen Published on 03.06.2012 13:32:49 (updated on 03.06.2012) Reading time: 2 minutes

I’m not sure how to sum up Lucy Hopkins’ latest fringe offering without a string of gushing adjectives.

Captivating! Delightful! Hilarious!

I’m in danger of sounding like her thespian caricature who speaks in self-help book clichés and ends every other sentence with the word “lovely!”

How then to describe the show? There is a scarf, of course – a huge silk one which Lucy sweeps around with aplomb when transforming from the overly earnest member of Art Soul (say it quickly and it sounds like something far more obscene) to the hot-blooded Spanish actress who delivers Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” as a menacing monologue before molesting a male audience member.

There’s not much story – the show consists of Lucy switching between characters at lightening speed then delivering songs, skits and speeches in each personae – but it’s the sheer ingenuity of each segment combined with Hopkins’ skilful performance that keeps you hooked. 

While there is plenty of humour, there are no grotesque caricatures – the misguided luvvy who repeatedly declares the importance of maintaining a glass-half-full perspective on life is belied by her nervous smiles, twitches, and facial tics that grant her a touching vulnerability. “Subtle” is the word that comes to mind when trying to characterize Hopkins’ acting. It may seem an odd word to use to describe someone who ends their show by strutting around in a gold lame playsuit but it’s Lucy’s exploitation of the most miniscule shifts in facial expression combined with restrained wit that make her a delight to watch.

Kavarna 3 + 1 is an intimate venue even by fringe standards, and given Tompkins’ evident talent, it was a shame to see it only half full. Watching a chronic case of multiple personality disorder has never been so much fun.

And Lucy looks nothing like a sausage, whatever her French acting teacher may have told her.

Catch Le Foulard at Kavarna 3 +1, Plaska 10, 1st – 9th June, 6:45pm. Tickets are available at the venue or online via Ticketstream.

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