Weekly Training Plan 6.-12.3.

Just one month to go before the Hervis Prague 1/2 Marathon! Are you ready?

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 06.03.2013 11:48:24 (updated on 06.03.2013) Reading time: 1 minute

Expats.cz and Prague International Marathon have put together a training plan for you helping runners get ready for the first race of this year’s season. However, training sessions won’t stop come race day on 6th April but will continue right up until 12th May when registered runners will take on the mighty Volkswagen Prague Marathon. Stick to our training plan and you’ll have no problem managing both of races!

These races have been incorporated in the RunCzech Running League. For taking part, each participant picks up a certain number of points (calculated as the ratio between the course length and the participant’s finishing time) and places them in a unique running ranking system classifying runners according to age, sex and, above all, profession. In 2012, the fastest runner was an agricultural worker followed by a programmer and radio / TV employee. Did you run any of the RunCzech races in 2012? Provided you included the details of your profession when filling out the registration form, you can check out how well you did here.

Hoping everyone is brimming with enthusiasm as we enter the next week of training!

Training plan:

Wednesday 6.3.
5 min (50 – 65% your heart  rate (HR)); 8x [(2 min (75 – 90% HR max) – 2 min (65 – 60% HR max)]; 5 min free run

Thursday 7.3.
45 min (50 – 75 % HF max); fitness in the evening. Check the tips for titness here.

Friday 8.3.
Free time

Saturday 9.3.
10 min (50 – 65% HR max) – 105 min (75 – 85% HR max) – 10 min (65 – 50% HR max); stretching in the evening. See the tips for stretching here.

Sunday 10.3.
45 min (65 – 75% HR max)

Monday 11.3.
Free time

Tuesday 12.3.
50 min free running (50 – 75% HR max); fitness in the evening. Check the tips for titness here.

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