Weekly Training Plan 27.3.-2.4.

Hervis Half-Marathon in just 2 weeks

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 27.03.2013 17:38:13 (updated on 27.03.2013) Reading time: 2 minutes

We may still continue to be tormented by freezing temperatures outside but there’s no escaping the fact that there’s just twoo weeks to go before the first big event on the Czech running calendar is upon us. If you haven’t yet managed to work yourself up to the distance required for the race, now is most certainly not the time to try to deny any shortcomings in your training regime. It’s better to stick with the kilometres you’re at right now. When it comes to the intensity of your training, likewise, if you’ve only been focusing on distances so far, it makes no sense to start about this now. In a nutshell, it’s too late at this stage of the game to make up for lost time.  Instead have a think about what you are going to run it and try out your new gear during a training session. This will allow you to check whether your clothes feel right, whether your shoes fit well, and ensure nothing rubs or presses against your skin during the actual half-marathon race. If it’s at all possible, also make an effort to go to bed before 10 pm and to sleep 8 hours a day.  Sleep is basically the best remedy for regeneration plus allows the human body to repair anything which needs fixing.

Training plan:

Wednesday 27.3.
10 min (50 – 65% your heart  rate (HR)); 45 min (85% HR max); 10 min (65 – 50% HR max); stretching in the evening (http://www.bezeckaskola.cz/clanek-797-behani-na-snehu-a-v-zime-3-prevence-zraneni-bezecky-rok-15-tyden.html)

Thursday 28.3.
45 min (50 – 75 % HF max); fitness in the evening (http://www.bezeckaskola.cz/clanek-2138-6-cviku-ktere-vam-pomohou-dostat-se-rychle-do-bezecke-formy.html)

Friday 29.3.
Free time

Saturday 30.3.
10 min (50 – 65% HR max) – 90 min (75 – 82% HR max) – 10 min (65 – 50% HR max); stretching in the evening (http://www.bezeckaskola.cz/clanek-797-behani-na-snehu-a-v-zime-3-prevence-zraneni-bezecky-rok-15-tyden.html)

Sunday 31.3.
45 min (65 – 75% HR max)

Monday 1.4.
Free time

Tuesday 2.4.
60 min freely (50 – 75% HR max); fitness in the evening (http://www.bezeckaskola.cz/clanek-2138-6-cviku-ktere-vam-pomohou-dostat-se-rychle-do-bezecke-formy.html)

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