Are Scary Clowns Headed to the Czech Republic?

After a terrifying debut in the USA, sightings of creepy clowns are now being reported in a number of European countries

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 19.10.2016 11:25:59 (updated on 19.10.2016) Reading time: 2 minutes

The scary clown phenomenon has spread like wildfire in the US, with dozens of reports of terrifying clowns luring children into the woods, roaming the streets at night, or even holding a giant knife and trying to break into a suburban home

The hysteria around the clown sightings in the US is so high that clown costumes are being banned from Halloween parties, McDonald’s has temporarily retired its clown mascot, and retail giant Target has pulled clown masks from the shelves

And now, reports creepy clowns are being coming in from around Europe. And while those in the US have generally been non-aggressive, the same can’t be said for their European counterparts.

In the UK, a knife-wielding clown attempted to snatch a three-month-old baby, while others were filmed taunting drivers from a roundabout. One man was left “permanently disfigured” after being attacked by a clown with a knife who slashed at his hand (an incident that was later debunked), and another suffered a gash on his head after a clown threw a log at him

But Britons have the hero they deserve: a masked vigilante dressed as Batman who has been patrolling the streets and fending off creepy clowns (actually a publicity stunt by a local costume maker). 

In Sweden, local authorities have been overwhelmed by reports of creepy clown sightings. One man was stabbed in the shoulder by a clown armed with a knife, while another was assaulted with a broken bottle.

Norway has also been inundated with reports of creepy clowns terrifying residents; in Denmark, a man was chased by an axe-wielding clown over the weekend.

One French town has banned clowns from its streets; two years ago, creepy clown attacks had police on high alert

Two days ago, Germany registered their first reports of a creepy clown

While the creepy clowns seem to be getting closer, sightings have yet to be reported here in the Czech Republic.

But as Halloween quickly approaches, and local mediacovers the growinginternational trend, it may only be a matter of time.

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