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Comedy On The Square at Fringe Fest '08 Staff

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Comedy On The Square
at Fringe Fest ’08

Comedy On The Square & the Prague Fringe present a comedy magic & juggling show 25 May to 1 June, 2008 as part of the Prague Fringe Festival.


A fun hour with Frisco Fred; “The world’s only near sighted comic/magician/juggler/escape-artist & tightrope walker”.

SEE – Fred risk your life by juggling knives inches from the front row!

HEAR – the laughter and applause as he brings audience volunteers up to star in the show!

WONDER – how did he find that card!

VIDEO CLIPS AT: (quicktime) “Prague Fringe” (flashmovie)

Frisco Fred is “The world’s only near sighted comic/magician/juggler/escape-artist & tightrope walker” . He started juggling as a hobby in College in 1975, started performing in local festivals in ’76 and has never looked back. From the Edinburgh Fringe to the Great Wall of China he’ll go “Around the world for a laugh”. His major Festival engagements include The New York Comedy Festival, 6 years at the Edinburgh Fringe, The Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Festival and The Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Fred is a regular headliner for Carnival Cruise Line as well as the producer of the San Francisco comedy series Comedy On The Square.


Beginning in February, 2003 Fred Anderson started Comedy On The Square to present alternative Comedy, Magic, Variety and Circus Arts at an intimate venue in San Francisco´s Union Square theater district. In addition since 2004 Fred has produced touring shows for the Edinburgh Fringe and this year will present two shows (“AWESOME – I Can Juggle!” and “All Star MAGIC & COMEDY – Direct From San Francisco!” ) at the ZOO venue.



25 May to 1 June, 2008  – 18:30 – 19:30 hrs
VENUE:  Divadlo Na Prádle – Kavárna  –  Besední 3, Praha 1
Fringe –
Show page  –
Fred Anderson –
ONLINE AT Ticketstream  +420 224 263 049
At the FRINGE BOX OFFICE:  Divadlo Na Prádle  –  Besední 3, Praha 1
AGE RATING – Suitable for 7 yrs old and up.


Welcome to the citys eagerly awaited annual marathon of theatre, dance, comedy, music and film from around the globe. All shows are in English, Czech or are non-verbal and are programmed so that you can see up to 6 shows a day and over 30 shows over the 8 days of Fringe Festival Praha. Shows take place from the afternoon to late evening, most last for an hour or so with time between to zip from venue to venue and grab a bite to eat. Enjoy a warm welcome at our fringe club where you can join the fun, meet the artists and swap notes with other fringe goers on your “hot tickets” for the day…its the fringe way from Edinburgh to Adelaide, now entering year seven here in Prague.

Tickets are 150 CZK.
Student tickets 50 CZK (only available on the door, on the day).

Fringe Voucher for 5 tickets available at Tickestream and can be exchanged for tickets on the day for 600 CZK (including handling fee) (ie 120 CZK per ticket)

Celebrate the arrival of the Fringe! Sunday May 25th – all tickets only 100 CZK

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