Czechs less generous with tips than Germans or Americans

Data from the payment app Qerko also shows that its users in Czechia are more generous than those in Slovakia. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 25.04.2023 12:00:00 (updated on 25.04.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Many nationalities like to think of themselves as generous, but does data actually support such claims? Payment app Qerko collected data about tips from foreigners who use the application in the Czech Republic and compared their tips to those coming from the locals.

To begin with, the average tip, regardless of nationality, stood at 7 percent of the total price of the bill. The most generous tippers were German, leaving an average of 8 percent of the total bill in Czech restaurants.

They were followed by Ukrainians and American nationals, who left an average tip of 7.5 percent of the bill. Clients from neighboring Slovakia were slightly stingier with their tips, which stood at an average of 6 percent of the bill.

Czechs using the Querko app, on the other hand, placed right on the average, leaving tips of 7 percent across the board. It's worth noting that Czechs paying by credit card were less generous with their tips, paying an average of 5 percent of the total bill.

Were there any regional differences?

Data from the app shows that tippers from the Karlovy Vary region were the most generous, leaving average tips of 8 percent of the bill. Those in the Olomouc region were at the other end of the scale, with average tips of 6 percent of the bill.

Lukáš Kovač, founder and CEO of Qerko, said the data sent a positive message, namely "people still go to restaurants and do not save on tips," adding that it was great to see that "even foreigners don't skimp on service with us."

Tips on tipping in Czechia

In the Czech Republic, tipping is expected but it is generally lower than in some other countries. Tips are typically given as a way to show appreciation for good service, but it is not mandatory. Here are some general guidelines for tipping in different situations:

  • Restaurants: It is customary to round up the bill to the nearest CZK 10 or to leave a 10 percent tip for good service. Some restaurants may include a service charge in the bill, so make sure to check before tipping.
  • Bars and cafes: Tipping is not expected for drinks, but rounding up the bill to the nearest CZK 10 or leaving a small tip for table service is appreciated.
  • Taxis: It is common to round up the fare to the nearest CZK 10 or to add a small tip for good service.
  • Hotels: It is customary to tip hotel staff such as bellhops, housekeeping, and room service by leaving a small amount of money in the room or giving it directly to the staff.
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