The way you sign into Raiffeisen internet banking is about to change

Citing the need for extra security, Raiffeisenbank says consumers will need to scan a QR code via the mobile banking app, along with all the current steps.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 18.04.2024 14:21:00 (updated on 19.04.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Raiffeisenbank users will soon change how they log in to Internet banking due to security changes from one of the largest consumer banks in Czechia. From April 20, users will need to scan a QR code from their Raiffeisenbank mobile application to gain access to their bank account, in addition to all the current steps they need to take. 

One extra step for security

After using their client number or RB klíč (RB Key) to sign in to their account, users will - as normal – receive a notification message on their mobile phone to confirm their login. What's soon to be different is that users will need to scan a QR code displayed on the web page. After this step, people will confirm their login as they normally do – with a fingerprint, Face ID, or S-PIN, Raiffeisenbank explains.


In an email sent to its clients last week, the bank said that users need to update to the latest version of the mobile banking app to enable sign-in to internet banking properly. This also applies to people using the RB klíč app.

The bank explains that the dynamic QR code will verify that the user is sitting at their designated device and not being impersonated by an attacker. This is especially important as the trend of bank fraud through mindless tapping on someone else's login using smart devices becomes more prevalent, Raiffeisenbank says.

According to Raiffeisenbank spokesperson Tereza Kaiseršotová, the new feature "significantly reduces the risk of an attack for the largest number of our clients and users." 

Warning against scams and fraudulence, Kaiseršotová emphasized the importance of regularly updating all apps through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store rather than clicking on links via SMS or email.

Payments, SMS log-ins will stay the same

However, this change does not affect clients who log in solely with an SMS code and password, which is considered the least secure method. The way to log in via SMS will remain the same. 

Raiffeisenbank also reminds clients to exercise caution when using the SMS method and to be aware of where they log in and what information they share. The RB key, on the other hand, offers more advanced protection with the new login feature, making it a recommended option for clients.

Kaiseršotová also notes that actual requests and actions made once signed in to internet banking – such as making payments – will not require the additional QR code step.

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