Czech Post price hike for registered mail and money orders goes into effect April 1

Registered and insured letters as well as postal money orders will go up in price slightly to reflect increased costs.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 31.03.2021 12:36:00 (updated on 31.03.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Czech Post Office has issued a new price list that will take effect on April 1. The significant changes are for registered letters, insured letters, and money orders. Prices for ordinary domestic letters and packages remain the same.

For international letters and packages, there are just some technical changes for some countries regarding package sizes, language requirements, and additional services.

The prices for registered letters (doporučené psaní) up to 50 grams will increase by CZK 5, going to CZK 52 for economy (ekonomické) and CZK 59 for priority (prioritní). Insured letters (cenné psaní) to to 50 grams will also rise by CZK 5 to CZK 57.

Fees for postal money orders of the type A through D also go up CZK 5 each for transferring up to CZK 5,000, with additional increases for higher sums. Type A, which lets someone pay in cast to transfer into a Czech back account, will cost CZK 44; type B, which lets you send money from an account to be delivered in cash, will cost CZK 35,; type C, which lets someone pay in cash and have cash delivered, will cost CZK 53; and type D, which transfers cash in one working day, will cost CZK 112.

“The increase in the price of postal money orders is related to compensating for the constant growth of Czech Post's costs, which are caused by rising fuel prices, wages, energy, etc. It also responds to demand for these services and emphasizes compliance with cost principles and postal directives,” Czech Post spokesman Ivo Vysoudil told daily Mladá fronta Dnes.

Ordinary domestic letters and post cards will remain at CZK 19 for up to 50 grams at the economy rate and CZK 26 at priority. A package up to 35 cm on the longest side will stay at CZK 89 for economy and CZK 99 for priority.

For international mail, the most significant change was the cancellation of economy class for packages Britain and Northern Ireland. Senders must now also specify what province in a coutry a letter or package is going to, if the target country is divided into provinces.

Also regarding intentional mail, the Customs Post Office since Jan. 26, 2021, has been moved to K Hrušovu 293/2, Prague 10–Štěrboholy from its former location on Plzeňská Street.

The Czech Post Office (Česká pošta) operates 3,200 branches and employs around 28,000 people. It expects a loss for last year. In 2019, the company deepened its loss by CZK 101 million to a record CZK 376 million, though it had expected an even bigger loss. According to the post office, higher revenues from parcel delivery, cost savings, and fairer state payments for ordered services contributed to the better result compared to the plan.  

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