Get grilling: A new meat-box offers a better cut of beef in Czechia

Just in time for grill season a new butcher delivery service offers prime cuts of locally-produced Czech beef.

Marcus Bradshaw

Written by Marcus Bradshaw Published on 22.06.2022 17:00:00 (updated on 23.06.2022) Reading time: 3 minutes

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Having established themselves as the go-to delivery service for high-quality fish in Prague and earning renown for their delicious boxes of Icelandic cod, salmon, and seafood, delivery service Boxxi has announced that it will expand its offering to prime cuts of locally-produced Czech beef, in time for summer grilling season.

The new beef delivery service comes at a time when the number of people eating beef in the Czech Republic is increasing, according to Boxxi spokesperson Cyprian Miller. He cites an increased interest in the provenance of food and animal welfare, as reasons why more Czechs are choosing to enjoy beef more regularly.

Miller points out that while steaks are becoming more affordable, and there are plenty of steakhouses in Prague, there is very little good quality beef available to cook at home – a situation that Boxxi hopes to remedy with the launch of its new beef-box service.

In early June Boxxi unveiled a new range of prime beef products, including gourmet burgers and nine types of succulent steaks that are perfect for summer barbeques, as well as a range of tasty cuts that are ideal for stewing and slow cooking. 

“As Boxxi customers will know, there is a huge difference in both quality and taste between the cod that is offered in Czech supermarkets, and the hook-and-line-caught Icelandic cod delivered by Boxxi,” says Miller. “You can expect to enjoy the same difference, in terms of taste, texture and quality, in our beef products as well.”

Boxxi’s beef is all sourced from the Čunát Family Farm, an independent producer located near the south Bohemian village of Milevsko. “All of the cows graze outdoors on grass,” says Miller, “and during winter they are fed silage that was cut from their own meadows.”

He goes on to explain that the Čunát family have farmed for generations, and are proud to raise Simmental and Charolais beef cattle, adding that the farm has their own expert in-house butcher, who has the skills to get the very best from each individual animal.

“The ethics of food production are very important to us,” says Miller. “This has always been evident in Boxxi’s policies regarding responsible fishing. We are delighted to work with the Čunát Family Farm.

They produce a small amount of beef annually, and they take care to ensure that the animals are treated humanely and ethically. Additionally, as the beef is raised in Bohemia, it has a lower carbon footprint and is more sustainable than beef that is imported from Ireland or Argentina.” 

As summer approaches and friends and families look forward to gathering over a grill, Miller has some great tips for the best cuts to choose to ensure the success of any barbeque:

Flank steak: Grill it whole, let it rest for 15 minutes, and then cut it like roasted meat.

Rib Eye: This steak’s thick marbling and higher fat content ensure juiciness that makes it ideal for grilling.

Striploin: This lightly marbled steak is very tender and juicy, with a distinctive fat cover which imparts flavor.

Top Blade Steak: This steak owes its juiciness to its dense marbling, and is distinguished by the presence of the central tendon which can easily be cut out after grilling.

Tenderloin: Also known as Filet Mignon, this extremely soft and tender cut contains a minimum of fat, so it’s best prepared rare to medium. Before grilling, tie the meat with string, to keep the nice, round shape.

Boxxi Beef Burger: This high quality burger is worth noticing for what is not in it – no tendons, cuttings or cartilage. Instead, it’s made of ground beef, aged 21 days and seasoned with salt and pepper, with special care to balance that fat ratio, so that it doesn’t dry out during grilling.

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