Prague's grand Máj department store opens its doors to the public

After two years of construction, the multifunctional complex features an outdoor terrace, ziplines, mini golf, superheroes, karaoke lounges, and more.

Julie O'Shea

Written by Julie O'Shea Published on 24.06.2024 15:00:00 (updated on 24.06.2024) Reading time: 6 minutes

The Máj Národní department store, which opened to the public today following a lengthy renovation, is positioning itself to be the entertainment capital of Prague, offering nine floors of fun, games, and classy gourmet options. It is also Europe’s second-largest entertainment center, boasting countless attractions for people of all ages.

Máj Národní will feature more than 17,000 square meters of retail, dining, and entertainment space. The first and second floors will house trendy restaurants, cafes, and other specialty stores. 

Martin Klán, a member of the Amadeus board of directors that is behind the Máj Národní renovation project, showed around the shiny and impressive new building. He noted that the entire complex will have over 60 different types of outlets.

"It's a house of fun, games, and experiences – people won't come here just for shopping,” said an Amadeus representative. 

We’ve got a sneak peek of what visitors to this highly anticipated Prague attraction can expect. 

A vortex of endless fun and adrenaline

Evoking a glitzy casino hall in Las Vegas, LEVELS – spread over the third and fourth floors – is set to house the largest game arcade in the Czech Republic. It will have over 125 top arcade games, including Formula 1 simulators that even the pros use, and some of the most powerful gaming PCs in the country featuring incredible graphics. 

Dartboards, billiard tables, slot machines, classic shooting, car and motorbike races, and other dance games are also on offer, as well as a human-sized fidget spinner you can play with! 

“There’s no need for coins,” gleefully remarks Klán. Each game will cost an average of CZK 50, and you pay for everything with a pre-paid card. 

Analogue fun takes the form of the only 18-hole indoor mini golf course in Prague, billiards, shuffleboards, air hockey, and karaoke lounges. You can even try your hand at ax throwing.    

Recharge your batteries and get ready for nightfall

A varied gastronomic offer, including American cuisine and four bars, each with its own menu, will help you refuel before a night of parties and dancing. 

With approximately 750 seats, the food hall on the second floor will showcase popular restaurant brands such as Burger King, Popeyes, Prima Bašta, Misushi, Amerikanos, and more. The popular Five Guys fast-food chain will open the country’s first ever branch later in autumn.

Around 300 glamorous chandeliers decorate Máj, which add to the center’s sparkly, slick, and luxury feel.

As night falls, the bars offer a wide range of drinks and entertainment. LEVELS features a two-story bar that will have 904 bottles on display, the most in the Czech Republic. Memorialize your visit at the photo point on the staircase between the bars.

The largest family amusement park in Prague

The department store’s fun zone goes beyond gaming, billiards, and discotheques. On the fifth floor, you will find the largest indoor family amusement park in the city center, complete with a large canteen to break for lunch. 

Ride a zipline, explore a massive ball pool, hop on a carousel, scale a climbing wall – there is something for all levels of adventure-seekers at Lvíčkov, the name of the amusement section.

The space boasts the longest slide in central Prague as well as an outdoor playground (located on a terrace, one of multiple across the center) with a track for electric cars. You will also find a Soft Play area, a ninja crawling track, and a children’s digger.  

Klán tells us that from the Lvíčkov floor onwards, each level will charge a separate entrance fee. Lvíčkov costs CZK 450 per child and CZK 100 per adult. 

An unforgettable journey through time

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to walk across Charles Bridge during the Middle Ages? Or come face to face with the Golem? Then head to Máj Národní’s sixth floor to experience Back in Time, which is due to open around November. 

Forget boring textbooks and immerse yourself in a fascinating world full of legends, stories, and events that shaped Czech culture. Using modern technologies, Back in Time takes you through history in a fun and interactive way. Learn about the founding of the city, the Hussite movement, the story of the Golem, and the legend of Horymír and his brave horse Šemík. 

“This will be interesting for foreign tourists, as well as schools,” Klán tells us.

Entry to the Back In Time exhibit costs CZK 450 per person. 

Enter the world of superheroes

Heroes Park, an experience store on the seventh floor, will allow you to immerse yourself favorite comic book adventure. Stroll around the store and surround yourself with your favorite superheroes in a myriad of dark rooms full of special effects, interactive screens, and flashing lights.

Come face to face with Marvel superheroes, learn about their lore, and see and wear the Infinity Glove, which produces a special effect across the whole room when you touch it! You’ll also see life-size figures of Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, to name a few.

Visitors can explore the extensive collection of collectible figures for every fan to choose from and pick out an original piece to take home. Whether you're an avid comic book fan, figure collector, cosplay enthusiast or just looking for fun for the whole family, Heroes Park provides thrills all round.

Breathtaking panoramas at Fly Vista Bar

Imagine this – a glass of wine in your hand, the sun slowly setting and the majestic panorama of Prague Castle opens up in front of you. You can experience this at Fly Vista Bar, located on the eighth floor of the department store. The white marble bar, which, at 36 meters long, offers breakfast, lunch or dinner, and an unforgettable atmosphere. 

The dominant feature here is the breathtaking bar made of white marble, which, with a length of 36 meters, boasts the title of the longest interior bar in all of Europe! There is also a separate lounge for those looking for privacy.

Head up to the ninth floor to enjoy the views from the highest terrace in Prague. Fly Vista Bar Vyhlídka is sure to be a big hit this summer. The rooftop terrace towers 30 meters above the streets of Prague offering jaw-dropping views of the cityscape, where you can see literally everything: including the National Theater, Petřín Tower, and Prague Castle.

Entry to the terrace costs CZK 200, or is included if you buy a drink at the Vista bar.

A historic renovation

The construction of the Máj Národní building, a prime example of interwar functionalism known for its unique architectural elements, took place from 1972 to 1975.

Amadeus Real Estate is putting the finishing touches on a detailed two-year renovation of the space, which will retain the Tesco supermarket and include several other well-known retail brands, such as Rossmann, Art Nails Beauty & SPA, a LEMON pharmacy, two Don Pealo tobacco shops, YesInsured, and iRepublic.        

The landmark building’s facade is adorned with two massive butterfly sculptures created by renowned artist David Černý. The installation shows butterfly wings affixed to two purple-blue World War II fighter plane models.

The sculptures pay tribute to Czechoslovak fighter pilots who served with the British Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II. “Butterflies symbolize peace, and the Spitfire is a weapon; a symbol of war. There is a fine line between peace and war, and current global events make this appeal even stronger,” explained Klán.

An ambitious project costing CZK 4.5 billion, Amadeus hopes that the new department store will attract visitors for decades to come. “We expect 150,000 visitors per floor in the next 12 months,” Klán said.

“This is a place where people are supposed to have fun; it’s aimed at everyone, from the smallest children to adults. Our wish is that people leave with a smile.” With so many things on offer, it looks like plenty of smiles will go around.

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