California foodie picks Prague's best American eats ahead of July 4

The Vanessa Eats Prague Instagram account has shared the best American comfort foods to savor in the Czech capital. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 03.07.2024 16:26:00 (updated on 04.07.2024) Reading time: 3 minutes

On July 4 in the U.S., food is second only to fireworks as the country celebrates its independence with barbecues, burgers, and beer. Americans feeling less than patriotic following a rather unappetizing presidential debate last week still have food to fall back on. Those living in Prague are spoiled for choice when it comes to authentic American eats.

With Popeyes opening two new locations in the Czech capital and Five Guys set to debut this fall, the city is embracing a wave of authentic American cuisine. But fast food is only a small part of the story. From Detroit-style pizza to Southern BBQ, it’s easier than ever for expats and locals alike to savor a true taste of American comfort foods, whether you crave macaroni and cheese, pastrami sandwiches, or smash burgers and loaded fries.

No one knows this better than the California native behind the Vanessa Eats Prague Instagram account, a scrumptious feed devoted to uncovering the city’s best and newest eats. Ahead of Independence Day, Vanessa has shared her favorite places to indulge in a taste of home away from home.

Philly & Co’s

Founded in 2018 by Chicago natives Philip Schniedermeier (Philly) and Jeff Couloute (Co) with a bold mission to bring the cheesesteak (a warm baguette stuffed with grilled steak, cheese, onions, peppers, and homemade cheese “whiz" sauce) to Czechia. Vanessa says the original cheesesteak joint in town is still the best. “These guys have been slinging quality cheesesteaks since their days at pop-ups at Náplavka. The buns, meat, and sauce are incomparable elsewhere in Prague,” she says. The menu includes jumbo mozzarella sticks, loaded fries, and deep-dish pizza.


American-operated Wingz is a great place for homesick and hungry American expats seeking not just chicken but sliders, grilled cheese, atomic fries, and shrimp po' boys. Of the signature menu item, Vanessa says: “They’re big, crunchy, and when you dip them into their homemade blue cheese, you might as well be waving an American flag: you are instantly transported to whatever state you’re from because these are the real deal. I also love their surprise menu items, which they do from time to time: American breakfast sandwiches, burgers, and pancakes.” Check their Instagram for the next event.


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Take Eat Ez American BBQ and Deli

From barbecue sets to ribs and sides, monster cinnamon buns, and carved turkey breast, this pioneering Czech food truck/pick-up service is a familiar site on the food and music festival scene. Vanessa raves: “You can’t miss Erik’s big blue truck at Prague’s most popular food festivals. And if you haven’t had one of his sandwiches yet, you’re missing out: the classic turkey club is fresh and light, but if you want to be blown away, have the Miss Piggy. I never knew my grilled cheese needed pulled pork – it does!”

Pavlo’s Street Food

Serving up hot dogs loaded with bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce and a mac-and-cheese topped with shredded beef, pickles, onion, and Czech pažitka, Pavlo's has drawn rave reviews from local foodies, Vanessa included, particularly for its burger. “This has now become one of my favorite burgers in Prague. An unassuming food truck at Holešovice Market serves the fluffiest buns surrounding perfectly grilled meat patties smashed to perfection. And the best part? The unique flavor combinations offered for specialty burgers: a kimchi smash burger? Yes, it’s the bomb.”

Dirty Dog Barbecue

A former New York chef, Isaac Starobin’s Dirty Dog Street Food began life as a Vinohrady cocktail bar. Dirty Dog then morphed into a thriving catering business, and one of the city’s first burger stands, a true pioneer of food-truck culture in the Czech capital. Today, Dirty Dog serves up brisket, ribs, and pulled pork with their signature barbecue sauce. “This has always been one of my go-to spots for American BBQ in Prague and one of my favorite spots at Manifesto,” says Vanessa, who shares a July 4 tip: “You can order their sauces and rubs from Rohlík, which makes celebrating July 4 in Prague much easier at your grill party. Order their ranch and the classic BBQ sauce, and thank me later.”

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