VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Brave Czech senior stands up for Ukrainian refugees

In a follow-up interview, the viral "Lady from Wenceslas Square" said she didn't see herself as a hero. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 04.11.2022 15:28:00 (updated on 04.11.2022) Reading time: 1 minute

Following last Sunday's Million Moments for Democracy protest in Prague's Wenceslas Square – a show of solidarity for Ukraine amid Russian aggression – an interview featuring an elderly Czech protester making her no-nonsense opinion heard went viral. The widely-shared video earned Naďa Havelková from Hradec Králové the internet moniker of "Lady from Wenceslas Square" – and a Twitter following of 3,593 fans.

Deemed a hero on social networks, many people expressed admiration for her passionate response when asked why she chose to attend the protest.

The main reason, she said, was an anti-government rally that took place in the same spot in Prague on Oct. 28, which saw supporters of the right-wing "Czech Republic First" movement express anger at the Czech support of Ukraine, among other issues.

"I was motivated and annoyed by the people who were here the day before yesterday, because I am ashamed of those rednecks. I was annoyed by the fear-mongering." She added "[Ukrainians] did not come to parasite on us," but to receive "the help they desperately need."

"I am willing to give up half my pension to help these people in some way. I am going to heat only one room."

In a follow-up interview with published this week, she humbly said that she did not see herself as a hero, but as "any other pensioner."

In responding to why she wasn't happy she had been getting so much attention online, she said, "I am not happy that I have become the center of such interest that I do not deserve at all."

In the interview, Havelková also apologized for calling her opponents "rednecks" (in Czech, buran). "I respect that everyone is entitled to a different opinion. Even if I don't agree with them. I wouldn't use that word again."

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