Video: Czech daredevil rides slackline between Prague's tallest buildings

Dressed as Superman, Tomáš Valenta rode an invention of his own creation between Prague's City Tower and City Empiria buildings 107 meters above ground.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 18.07.2021 12:05:00 (updated on 19.07.2021) Reading time: 1 minute

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Echoing a similar stunt performed by Philippe Petit, who famously walked a tightrope between the buildings of New York City's World Trade Center in the 1970s, Czech daredevil Tomáš Valenta bridged the distance between Prague's tallest buildings on a slackline last weekend.

Dressed in a Superman costume, Valenta rode an invention of his own creation, a kind of skateboard attached to the top of a slackline called a Slackboard, between the City Tower and City Emporia buildings in Prague on July 10. He covered a distance of about 140 meters.

The two buildings are the tallest in Prague (the Žižkov Television Tower, meanwhile, is the city's tallest structure) and the second and third tallest buildings in the country behind Brno's AZ Tower. City Tower stands 109 meters tall, and City Emporia 104 meters.

The daredevil performed the stunt as part of an event called Extreme Weekend Vol. 0, during which he and other extreme athletes also parachuted off the top of the City Emporia building.

Unlike Petit, the organizers of Extreme Weekend Vol. 0 received permission for the stunt through lengthy negotiations with the owners of the buildings that took over six months. The event also took place with the support of the City of Prague 4.


"During [the negotitions], it was necessary to reach an agreement that if something happened, it would be to our detriment, not the owners of the buildings," Karel Bejšovec, one of the four basejumpers who parachuted from the City Emporia building, later said.

Valenta set records for both longest and highest ride on a Slackboard, but his invention is just three years old and only a handful have been distributed.

Two slackline walkers, Dany Menšík and Lukáš Černý, also walked a 177-meter-long slackline between the two buildings during the event, setting a record for the highest urban slackline walk in the Czech Republic.

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