These 20 lesser-known Prague attractions are safe to visit during current restrictions

Just in time for spring, the City of Prague has launched an online guide to parks and other little-seen locales safe to visit during lockdown measures

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky
Published on 28.03.2021 14:24 (updated on 28.03.2021)

Warmer weather up to 20°C is in the forecast for the Czech Republic in the week leading up to Easter, and the city of Prague has launched a handy online guide to 20 parks and other little-seen locations around the city that are safe to tour during the current lockdown measures.

Current restrictions mandate that a respirator be worn while walking around built-up urban areas, which include the streets of Prague, but the Czech capital is also one of the greenest major cities in the world with plenty of parks that can be enjoyed during the upcoming holiday weekend.

While getting some fresh air and exercise around Prague is good for mental and physical health, the city also reminds residents to watch the three Rs: ruce, roušky, rozestupy (that's hands, face (masks), and space for English speakers).

Under the banner of Safely around Prague, the city's guide to safe locations is divided into two areas featuring parks and nature spots around the city, and some of the more quiet areas within the city's streets.

Note that a respirator should currently be worn if traveling on the street areas, as well as within the parks if social distancing measures (two meters between people) cannot be maintained.

Parks and nature:

  • Prague nature and animal reserves
  • Podviní Park
  • Chuchelský háj grove
  • Kunratice forest
  • Doubravka lookout tower
  • Divoká Šárka
  • Rajská zahrada Park
  • Vávra's viewpoint
  • Draháňské Valley
  • Kinský Garden
  • Prokopské & Dalejské údolí natural parks
  • Modřany Gully

Note that some facilities in parks, including playgrounds and fitness areas, may be currently closed due to Covid-19 regulations.

On the streets:

  • Střešovice & Dejvice
  • Malostranský Cemetery
  • Galerie Fasáda
  • Břevnov & Strahov
  • Baba settlement
  • Karlín plain & Vítkov hill
  • Vyšehrad Cemetery and Slavín
  • Bubeneč and Troja villas


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This isn't a complete list of Prague's hidden gems that can be enjoyed during the current restrictions; the city will be updating the list in the coming weeks with suggestions from the public.

For the full list and complete information on each location, visit the Safely around Prague project at

One more tip from Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib: the city has also launched an online map of artwork and sculptures in public spaces to enjoy while traveling around Prague.