TELL US: Which Czech habits have you adopted since moving here?

Carp fishing, mushroom picking, and pomlázka: are there any Czech habits that you have picked up while living in the country? Staff

Written by Staff Published on 28.10.2022 13:23:00 (updated on 19.05.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

Today is Czechoslovak Independence Day and a celebration of all things Czech. For this occasion, we'd love to ask you about any specific Czech habits you've adopted.

In 2021, the Czech Statistical Office reported that about 661,000 foreigners live in Czechia. After a strong inflow of refugees from Ukraine since early 2022, this number is likely now much higher. 

With its customs such as carp fishing for Christmas dinner or whipping women with pomlázka (willow twigs) at Easter, Czechia can take some getting used to for those who weren’t born in the country.

But if you’ve lived here for a while, it’s possible that you’ve picked up some Czech habits – and we’d like to know which ones.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself drinking more tea or heading to the forest for mushroom picking every fall. Are you now wearing house slippers – and thinking twice about entering somebody’s house with shoes – or maybe ordering a mlíko (a beer that is practically all foam) at the pub? 

Have you begun adding fried cheese to your food, or eating rohlíky with every dinner? Perhaps you have changed the way you greet people?

If you have adopted any local habits – for better or worse – since you moved to Czechia, share them with us in the poll below: we'd love to hear them!

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