Prague’s largest drive in to open at Strahov Stadium, with space for 120 cars

Strahov Stadium has a tradition as a drive-in cinema going back to the late 1990s

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 12.05.2020 15:46 (updated on 12.05.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

The largest drive-in cinema in Prague opens May 12, at the parking lot of Strahov Stadium. It will have space for 120 cars and should be in operation until the end of September daily from 9 pm. In addition to film screenings, the space will host cultural events during the summer.

The Autokino Strahov project was created under the auspices of the City Councilor Jan Chabr (United Force for Prague) in cooperation with the Prague 5 and Prague 6 districts. “I am glad that this rather deserted place will come to life in recent years and offer Praguers an attractive experience. Currently, it is also a welcome economic activity in cooperation with the city,” Chabr said.

In the future, when hygiene restrictions allow, spectators without cars will be able to enjoy the spectacle, and lounge seats will be placed directly in front of the screen. The organizers will then oversee compliance with hygiene regulations.

Films will be projected on a 13 by six meter screen from a Sony 4k digital projector placed on shipping containers. The projector had been in use at kino Aero, before it was replaced with an upgrade a few months ago.

The opening film is the classic Batman movie The Dark Knight, and other films coming up include the recent horror survival film The Hunt, the crime comedy Ocean’s Eleven and a preview of the drama The Farewell.

“If there should be a car cinema somewhere in Prague, it’s in Strahov. This place has a great atmosphere and is made for this format. We knew that from the beginning and we went for it. The space also has a tradition as largest drive-in cinema in the Czech Republic from 1999, which was right inside the stadium. It occurred to us that the place in the heart of Prague had become a bit deserted and sad over the years, and we wanted to change that,” the drive in’s main organizer Jakub Dostál said.

Admission for all screenings and cultural events organized during the summer season in the area, is 350 CZK per car. News about car cinemas and tickets can be watched on social networks on Facebook and Instagram as well as at the cinema’s website. Cars will enter from 7 pm. The lot used for the drive in is on Zátopkova Street. Tickets can be purchased online, and films should be in their original versions with Czech subtitles, rather than dubbed. Czech films, though, will be only in Czech.

There will be two meters between the cars. The capacity of the area under the current hygienic government measures is 120 cars, but in the future it will be possible to increase it as needed. For hygienic reasons, until the situation changes it is forbidden to get out of vehicles on the premises. Leaving vehicles is only allowed in cases of absolute necessity.

Strahov is one of the world’s largest stadiums, and in the past hosted concerts by the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and U2. Before that, it was used for mass athletic events such as Spartakaid and Sokol meetings.

There are other drive in cinemas in Prague as well, including at Nákladové nádraží Žižkov.

Regular cinemas in Prague are also now allowed to reopen, but not all have done so. For indoor cinemas, every other row will be empty and a seat will be left vacant between every group of two people.

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