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Jacy Meyer's guide to getting in the game

Jacy Meyer

Written by Jacy Meyer Published on 09.09.2008 12:27:15 (updated on 09.09.2008) Reading time: 4 minutes

Maybe you run, play tennis or football or like to workout. Maybe you are thinking about doing something sporty. Maybe you just like comfy clothing that doesn´t require ironing. Whichever category you fall into – we´ve got the premier line-up of sports stores in Prague.

For one-stop sport shopping, head to Giga Sport (, Chlumecká 765, Černý Most and Skandinávská 9, Zličín.) From exercise equipment (stationery bicycles, treadmills, weight machines) to footwear to clothing to in-line skates plus protective gear to bikes to backpacking and camping supplies to tennis and squash paraphernalia; really, they´ve got you taken care of. And they have gift certificates for the sportaholics in your life.

Going to a mall only constitutes a sport for very few people, however nearly every indoor shopping center in the city has at least one decent sports store. If the Giga Sport in Zličín didn´t work for you, pop into Metropole (, Řevnická 1.) They have a Sportisimo, which is a general sporting goods store and a Balance and Molo Nike Store with smaller selections, mainly shoes and clothes. There´s an Interspar there too if you are really desperate.

The inner city malls have a selection of sports shops as well. Nový Smíchov (, Plzeňská 8) is one of the busiest malls in town and has a good number of sports shops. A3 Sport is good if you are looking for apparel, while Athlete´s World should have a pair of shoes for you. There´s an Intersport here, which is a general sporting goods store, but their selection isn´t extensive. More specialty shops include Umbro, Rock Point and Skateshop Anděl. And don´t ever forget Tesco.

Palác Flóra (, Vinohradská 151) is a bit quieter shopping experience. They too have an A3 Sport, Rock Point and Intersport. There´s also Adidas, Puma and Champion shops for those looking for specific brands. Palladium (, Náměstí Republiky 1) probably has the worst selection of all the malls. They offer a Sportisimo, Puma store, Alpine Pro and Quiksilver.

With a bit longer ride on the metro you can hit an additional number of malls. Galerie Butovice (, Radlická 117) sports an Intersport, but also an Acron which specializes in outdoor gear and a Montana Swiss Sport which has in-line skates, Nordic walking equipment and skiing supplies. A bonus to Galerie Butovice – there´s an in-line skate park practically on its doorstep. If you can´t wait till you get home to try out all the stuff you bought, you should shop at Letňany (, Veselská 663.) They have an aquacentrum, ice rink, fitness lagoon and sportscentre which offers badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball and fencing. Stores include the usual suspects: A3 Sport, Rock Point, Adidas,Puma and a Sport Station which is a shoe store. At the other end of the red metro line, you´ve got Centrum Chodov (, Roztylská 19.) They´ve actually got a bit more varied selection which includes Alpine Pro, Columbia Sportswear Company and Quiksilver. Hervis Sport is a good-sized all purpose sports store and Expedition will help out the hikers. A3 Sport, Umbro, Nike, Puma and Rock Point appear here as well. There´s some recreational activities here; BBC Fitness, Golf Centrum and a bowling alley.


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Humi Outdoor (, Myslíkova 32) has a huge selection of sports clothes and equipment – a lot of it their own brand. You can find here in-line skates, backpacks, bikes, tennis rackets and skis. Their production facility is in Třebíč. Humi is not to be confused with Hudy (, nine stores in Prague, including Haclíčkova 1 and Strossmayerovo nám. 10) which focuses more on outdoor, nature equipment like gear for camping and backpacking as well as clothing and shoes.

There are a lot of smaller specialty sports stores around town as well. Skiers and snowboarders may want to check out Harfa Sport (, Českomoravská 41, Prague 9 & Strakonická 81, Prague 5.) They have a large selection with lots of well-known brands, plus bicycles. Similar items, plus boating supplies (rafts, kayaks, etc.) backpacks and camping equipment can be found at ABC-sport (, Moskevská 74, Prague 10.) Another major winter sports shop is Dodo Sport (, Hněvkovského 2, Prague 4.) Happy Sport ( has three locations: Beranových 127, Prague 9; Na Pankráci, Prague 4; Národní obrany 16, Prague 6. Again, they´ve got the skis and such.

If you know what you want, you can purchase online. (Czech only) offers men´s and women´s clothing, backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. (Czech only) has a much wider selection. Lots of biking accessories, including clothing; footwear; exercise equipment; camping equipment, including tents and cooking apparatuses; and in-line skates, just to name a few.

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