Party train makes six-hour scenic trip around Prague, promises beer at "Brno prices"

People can see the scenic Prague Semmering rail route in the evening with refreshments and live guitar music

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 27.07.2020 14:34:12 (updated on 27.07.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

A new privately operated train with beer, wine and guitar music makes a circuitous route around Prague every Wednesday, offering a festive atmosphere. Outings are planned so far throughout the summer and fall until December 9.

The mobile clubhouse, called Sir Fogg Klubovka Praha, has been organized for Prague residents by a group of Brno travel enthusiasts. The name Sir Fogg for the special train refers to Phileas Fogg, the main character in the Jules Verne novel Around the World in Eighty Days.

The organizers cast a bit of shade on the capital for not already having its own club with a party train.

“It is said that a city that does not have its own expedition club isn’t worth a damn. Brno has one, and of course we understand that it is much further from Prague to Brno than from Brno to Prague,” the organizing group VlakFest said on its website.

“That is why we decided to give the people of Prague an island of well-being and [a bit of] Brno. We will make them a mobile clubhouse!” they added.

“Every Wednesday there are regular rides with a music jam and, in addition, we organize travel lectures and other events,” VlakFest concluded, referring people to Facebook for more details.

They also promise “quality beer at Brno prices,” but didn’t specify the brand. Some snacks such a pickled cheese and pickled sausages are also available, as is wine.

The single-wagon train with 68 spaces is entirely for the revelers. It makes a six-hour round trip with several stops in and near Prague, using the scenic Prague Semmering route built in the late 1800s.

The beer train is not an extra car attached to a regularly scheduled train going from one city to another, so revelers won’t be kicked off in the middle of nowhere after dark.

The route starts at Praha-Bubny Vltavská, not far from the Vltavská metro stop, and eventually goes as far as Hostivice and Rudná u Prahy and then to Praha-Smíchov (Smíchovské nádraží). The train then does the route in reverse, hitting all the same stops a second time. People can get on and off anywhere along the route, but tickets purchased in advance are required.

The train departs from Vltavská at 6:48 pm, arrives in Smíchov at 9:59 pm and then is back at Vltavská at 12:45 am. Ticket prices vary depending on whether the rider goes one way or round trip. There are also student discounts.

“The mobile clubhouse is a place where travelers meet, have a beer, talk about new adventures or where they have now canceled their ticket, play the guitar and go home again,” co-organizer Albert Fikáček from VlakFest told

Fikáček said the organizers decided to create a clubhouse on tracks as a way of getting around the high rent in the Prague city center. The wagon cost 300,000 CZK and a locomotive for 290,000 CZK, Fikáček told Some cosmetic repairs are planned, but the wagon is in a safe and operable condition. A second wagon for a mobile sauna might be purchased in the future.

The same train can be rented, either stationary or moving, for private or business events, weddings and sightseeing.

People who want to organize traveling parties or events can also rent trams from the Prague Public Transit Company, including a special T3 Coupe with a built-in bar.

For more information on the train visit the Facebook page for Sir Fogg Klubovka Praha or Vlakfest, for the Vlakfest website. The next event is scheduled for July 29.

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