Czech Republic will cancel 'extreme-risk' countries on its Covid travel map

As of Sept. 1, black countries on the Czech Republic's Covid-risk travel map will move to dark red.


Written by ČTK
Published on 01.09.2021 09:48 (updated on 01.09.2021)

Prague, Aug 31 (CTK) - The list of the countries with an extreme risk of the coronavirus infection that was previously marked black on the Czech traveler's map will be canceled as of Wednesday, Sept. 1, with these countries moving to the dark red (very high risk) group, the Foreign Ministry tweeted Tuesday.

This step will facilitate the conditions of people's return from these countries. Travel agencies have welcomed this change, especially in the case of Zanzibar, a popular travel destination of Czech tourists, the agencies' representatives told CTK.

So far, the Czech Health Ministry has strongly recommended that people do not travel to the countries with an extreme risk of the spread of new coronavirus mutations. These are now Brazil, Colombia, Mozambique, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, and Tanzania (including the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba).

Previously this list also included Russia and Tunisia.

Before return from these countries, travelers must be tested for Covid-19 and after return, spend ten days in self-isolation ending with a PCR test unless they are vaccinated or had the Covid in the past 180 days.


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On arrival from the dark red countries, travelers are bound to undergo a PCR test in the Czech Republic on the fifth day following their arrival at the earliest and on the 14th day at the latest. Until then, they have to stay in isolation. A test before entry is still required only from the travelers who use public transport.

The testing and self-isolation conditions do not apply to those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or who underwent the infection in the past six months.

"Every lifting of restrictions in the case of popular destinations is a positive piece of news to us. The number of vaccinated travelers is on the rise, and this is why we believe this is a positive message to our customers, too," a CK Exim Tours travel agency spokesperson said.

Before the anti-Covid restrictions, Zanzibar was a frequent destination of the clients of the CK Fischer agency, its spokesperson said.

An Invia travel agency spokesperson also expects high demand for trips to Zanzibar. "Last November, we saw a four-time rise in the sale of trips to Zanzibar interannually, and 10 percent of our clients chose this destination," she said.

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