Top 6 food trends for the Czech Republic in 2021

What will be on our plates this year? We spoke with the country's largest grocery delivery service to find the answer.

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 06.01.2021 15:37:00 (updated on 08.01.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes

In 2020 sourdough starters and take-out reigned supreme. Will the stay-at-home culinary landscape and the consumer behavior that shapes it, see a shift as we enter the second year of the pandemic?

We spoke to Rohlík, the Czech Republic's largest grocery delivery service about how consumer tastes and shopping trends have changed over the past year. Here's what they predict will be on our plates in 2021.

Restaurant-worthy home cooking

Delivery of home cooking and baking ingredients has skyrocketed according to Rohlik.
Delivery of home cooking and baking ingredients has skyrocketed according to Rohlik.

In 2021 cooking like a chef (and baking like a pastry chef) is still in. "The demand for baking supplies and ingredients for home-meal prep has skyrocketed," said Michal Perlík, purchasing manager for Rohlík. "People also want to learn how to cook better food now that they have enough time at home and can't eat out." Perlík said shopping patterns reflect a desire to cook dishes one used to enjoy in restaurants.

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Spicing up the menu

Rohlik is expanding its international grocery offerings
Rohlik is expanding its international grocery offerings with a new Asian Feast line

Given the current travel restrictions, people are increasingly seeking out ways to take a culinary journey without leaving home, said Perlík who said cooking "more diverse meals" will be a huge trend in 2021. Rohlík has expanded its portfolio of international cuisine to match growing demand with a new category devoted to creating an Asian Feast that features spicy condiments like Sriracha and ingredients such as ginger, coconut milk, curry paste, pho noodles, bun noodles, fish sauce, jasmine rice, herbs, chicken breasts, beef, and prawns (seafood is another category that Perlík said has seen increased demand).

Eating local to support Czech businesses

Dishes from Prague's Café Buddha are now available via Rohlík
Dishes from Prague's Café Buddha and other local restaurants are now available for take-out via Rohlík.

In the Czech Republic where COVID restrictions have kept restaurants shuttered, consumers will continue to show an outpouring of support for the pubs, restaurants, local kitchens, and farms that need their business now more than ever. In response, Perlík said that take-away will remain a top trend in 2021. "Rohlík has added a number of Prague restaurants to Bistro, a delivery service that offers dishes from some of the Czech capital's top chefs," he said. Čestr, Kuchyň, Aureole, Café Buddha, Pizza Nuova, and Chateau St. Havel by Ondřej Slanina join the platform this year.

Ready-to-eat and take-and-bake meals

Perlík said that customers will continue to buy ready-to-eat meals that simply require warming up or finishing off at home. Rohlík, which offers the ready-to-eat Bistro meals mentioned above, also saw increased interest in its "Without compromise" line of affordable pre-packaged home-cooked meals, soups, and sides. Items like pizza dough that simply require topping and baking are also increasingly popular among customers he said.

Plant-based foods that boost immunity

Plant-based diets will continue to be of intersting according to a Rohlík spokesperson
Plant-based diets will continue to be of intersting according to a Rohlík spokesperson.

Items like tofu and plant-based meat substitutes will continue to fill up online shopping baskets in 2021as "Veganuary" kicks off. People will also seek out immunity-boosting foods that help strengthen against illness. "COVID-19 was a reminder that our health can change at any time," said Perlík. Immunity boosting fruits and vegetables, and staples of the Keto and Paleo diets such as salmon, broccoli, nuts and seeds, and protein-packed yogurt and tofu will remain popular throughout the Czech Republic in the new year as people lean into healthier lifestyles.

Not just healthy eating, but mindful eating

Alnatura will increase its presence on the Rohlík platform in 2021.

The year 2021 won't just be about eating healthy but also eating mindfully, said Perlík. "Eating mindfully is about nourishing your body and soul, taking the time to enjoy flavors and the process of meal preparation and sharing it with others." Considering where your food comes from is another part of mindful eating, he added. In response to a growing demand for bio and organic foods in the Czech Republic Rohlík has begun stocking the Alnatura line of products, a total of 380 items beginning with durable goods and followed by frozen and fresh products in addition to its inventory of organic grocery items.

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