WEEKLY QUIZ: Trailblazing Czech women – can you name these influential figures?

Forbes CZ has just published its expansive list of Czechia's most influential women who come from all walks of life – how many do you know?

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 02.06.2023 07:43:00 (updated on 25.10.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

The Czech division of Forbes has released a new list of Czechia’s most influential women, encompassing successful businesswomen, CEOs, politicians, philanthropists, and social media influencers.

The ranking is not a public poll, Forbes CZ says, but calculated by a “precise methodology” that focuses on how big an impact these Czech women have on society. 

This includes aspects such as their economic performance (for example, how much money they have control over), the number of employees they oversee, and the potential power of their decision-making (such as in the political or legal spheres). 

For example, Lenka Bradáčová – the chief prosecutor of the High Prosecutor's Office in Prague – features in the top five most influential Czech women. Minister of Defense Jana Černochová, labeled in Forbes' list as the "most prominent and influential woman in the current Czech government" makes the top 15.

Industry experts and insiders collaborated on the 195-person ranking – the largest ever – for several months. 

Test your knowledge and see how many of Czechia's most-famous, inspiring, and pioneering women you know.

Question 1 / 10

Renáta Kellnerová is currently the CEO of which Czech company, founded by her late husband, Petr Kellner?

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  • PPF Group
  • CEZ
  • Česká zbrojovka
Question 2 / 10

Which of these women is the vice president of the EU Commission?

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  • Monika Babišová
  • Věra Jourová
  • Eva Pavlová
  • Alena Schillerová
Question 3 / 10

This Czech supermodel organizes an annual charity run in Prague’s Letná park.

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  • Tereza Maxová
  • Eva Herzigová
  • Karolína Kurková
  • Jitka Nováčková
Question 4 / 10

This Czech tennis player has won two Grand Slams in the women's singles since 2010.

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  • Petra Kvitová
  • Barbora Krejčíková
  • Karolína Muchová
  • Lucie Šafářová
Question 5 / 10

Markéta Pekarová Adamová, the Chamber of Deputies speaker in Czechia's parliament, belongs to which political party?

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  • ANO
  • TOP 09
  • ODS
  • SPD
Question 6 / 10

In 2018 Czech snowboarder and alpine skier Ester Ledecká accomplished an extraordinary feat at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. What did she do?

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  • She won every single race that she participated in
  • She broke three world records
  • She won gold medals in both skiing and snowboarding
  • It was her sixth Olympic Games that she participated in
Question 7 / 10

This Polish-born Czech singer is one of the country’s top social influencers, an ambassador for body positivity, and a modern pop icon.

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  • Ewa Farna
  • Halina Mlynkova
  • Marta Jandovská
  • Julia Malynowska
Question 8 / 10

Which one of these buildings did renowned Czech architect Eva Jiřičná NOT work on?

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  • Sydney Opera House
  • Lloyd’s of London headquarters
  • New Orangery at Prague Castle
  • Royal Victoria Dock (London)
Question 9 / 10

Věra Komárová is best known as transforming which Czech cosmetics company into an internationally successful brand?

Please answer previous questions first.

  • Ryor
  • Botanicus
  • Dermacol
  • Vento Bohemia
Question 10 / 10

Taťána le Moigne (née Janečková) is the regional head of which multinational company?

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  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Glencore
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