TELL US: Where do you do your grocery shopping in Czechia?

Out of the many options out there, we want to know where our readers shop and the factors behind their decisions. Does Czechia have a ‘best’ supermarket?

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 31.10.2023 13:53:00 (updated on 01.11.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

Grocery shopping is an essential part of living anywhere and learning to navigate the supermarket to get your staple food items is an important part of adapting to life abroad.

Living in Czechia gives you a wide variety of both national and international food chains to choose from. Billa, Albert, Penny, Tesco, and Lidl may all immediately spring to mind, but other outlets such as Kaufland, Delmart, and Globus also offer wide food choices for those in Czechia.

We'd like to know which supermarkets you most often shop in, and why. Is the proximity of a supermarket to where you live the most important aspect, or do you place the biggest emphasis on price? Perhaps the selection and quality of food are most important to you, or you prefer shops that have the best loyalty bonuses and discounts available.

We want to know where you do your shopping and why you think your supermarket is the best that Czechia has to offer.

In Czechia, which supermarket do you shop at most often?

Albert 30 %
Billa 6 %
Coop Discount 1 %
Delmart 2 %
Globus 2 %
Kaufland 9 %
Lidl 22 %
Makro 2 %
Norma 1 %
Penny Market 3 %
Tesco 10 %
Other (please specify in survey) 11 %
305 readers voted on this poll. Voting is open
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