Taiwan praises Czech Senate head Miloš Vystrčil for not yielding to Chinese threats

"We saw human dignity and the spirit of the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Vystrčil," a spokesperson for Taiwan's Foreign Ministry stated


Written by ČTK Published on 10.09.2020 12:11:04 (updated on 10.09.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

Taipei, Sept 10 (CTK) – The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry has honored the political courage of Czech Senate head Miloš Vystrčil who visited Taiwan recently in spite of Chinese attempts to deter him from the trip, Focus Taiwan has reported.

Taiwan does not want to specify the Chinese threats and attempts to blackmail Vystrčil, because this would only serve to promote Beijing’s hegemonic attitude towards Taiwan, Ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said.

“Instead, we should focus on Vystrčil’s political courage in the face of such bullying,” she said.

“We saw human dignity and the spirit of the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Vystrčil before, during and after his visit,” Ou said.

Along with some 90 delegation members, Vystrčil (opposition Civic Democrats, ODS) was in Taiwan from August 30 to September 4. China considers Taiwan to be its own territory. Beijing has been appealing to foreign countries not to meet Taiwanese representatives, because such action implies the recognition of the island’s independence.

Beijing repeatedly protested against Vystrčil’s trip, warning that the visit, breaching the One-China policy, will take a heavy toll. Vystrčil refused the criticism and argued that his trip does not breach the One-China policy as interpreted in the Czech Republic.

“By no means we are against advantageous and equal relations between the Czech Republic and the People’s Republic of China. Similarly, we want advantageous and equal relations with Taiwan,” Vystrčil said during the trip.

As a consequence of Vystrčil’s visit to Taiwan, Petrof, a Czech major piano manufacturer, may lose a consignment of grand and upright pianos for China that was worth 5 million crowns. The family foundation of Czech entrepreneur Karel Komarek stated that it will buy the instruments meant for China and donate them to Czech schools.

Beijing cannot buy respect by using its market to force others to bend to the Chinese will, Ou said.

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