ASK AN EXPERT: Should first-time Prague renters opt for a furnished or unfurnished apartment?

We spoke with the realtors at Engel & Völkers about the pros and cons of renting various types of apartments in Prague. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 03.05.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 05.06.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

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Renting an apartment in Prague means making a number of decisions. Among them is whether to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment. Which option is the most cost-effective and who should consider renting a furnished apartment versus who shouldn't? We asked Mikuláš Hrubý, head of residential rentals at Engel & Völkers to guide us through the decision-making process.

Mikuláš Hrubý, head of residential rentals at Engel & Völkers
Mikuláš Hrubý, head of residential rentals at Engel & Völkers

In Prague, like anywhere else, you'll find apartments of varying sizes, that come with different amenities, and, of course, prices. So what is considered "standard" and what should such a rental look like?

In Prague, when you rent an apartment it's considered standard that the kitchen should, for instance, be equipped with all the basic appliances (stovetop, sink, etc.). Occasionally, the landlord might ask the tenant to buy a refrigerator for hygiene reasons; most properties, however, come with fully-equipped kitchens.

While you'll usually find that a washing machine is included in the rental, and, if you're lucky, a dryer, this isn't considered standard, and if you want these amenities you should expect the added cost of installing a washing machine or dryer at your own expense. That said, some landlords are willing to buy a washing machine; it's best to negotiate this up front.

How to choose the best apartment for you

If you're renting for the first time in Prague, Hrubý suggests that before deciding on a furnished or unfurnished flat, it's important to determine how long you'll be staying in the country among other factors. See below for his insider tips:

In Prague short term? Fully-furnished is your best bet

If you're looking for a place to live for only one or two years at most, a furnished or at least partially furnished apartment will make the most sense for you.

In a fully-furnished apartment, you'll find a couch, beds, wardrobes, bedside tables, mirrors, and other furnishings. In some cases, the owners also equip the kitchen with utensils, and the bedrooms with bedding, and other accessories so that the client can simply show up with a suitcase and toothbrush.

Partially furnished apartments typically come with extra furnishings such as a couch, dining table, and even a bed. 

The price of fully-furnished apartments is usually 20 percent higher than the price of unfurnished apartments. The price of a partially furnished apartment is usually 10 percent higher than an unfurnished apartment," said Hrubý.

Staying awhile? Go for unfurnished

While any apartment you rent should have the standard features mentioned above, an unfurnished apartment won't come with much else. It should have lighting and will sometimes have pelmets (a valance or a wooden frame that sits above the curtains) and curtains already installed, but these aren't a given.

PRO TIP: Hrubý advises that if you plan to rent an unfurnished apartment, new buildings or renovated flats typically have built-in wardrobes that come with the rental. This can save you considerable money as storage solutions can be very expensive to buy and install.

Still, those who plan to stay in Prague for longer may find that renting an unfurnished apartment and buying furniture is the most cost-efficient option. You can then take the furniture with you to your next rental in another location, or you can offer it to the next tenant or the owner of the apartment.

Selling (and buying) used furniture on the secondhand marketplace, is quite easy in Prague with the current high demand.

"Furnishing the apartment yourself also has the extra advantage of making your new apartment feel more like a home," said Hrubý.

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