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Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 01.06.2023 12:00:00 (updated on 26.07.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

Prague has become a world class dining destination in recent years, as evidenced by a number of factors, including Michelin stars awarded, world rankings, and coverage in the international media as a dining destination worth traveling for.

The farm-to-fork scene has taken off in a big way with local producers and regional products enjoying pride of place on more and more menus, while casual dining is booming with laid-back kitchens, food trucks, and markets offering everything from burgers to noodles.

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Fine dining in Prague has become more playful though no less masterful amid scenic settings that are among some of Europe’s most stunning.

The city’s expat community has brought a diverse number of flavors to the capital’s culinary scene including barbecue, tacos, dim sum and more. Meanwhile, Czech chefs are showcasing their talents on the world stage as Czechia hosts important culinary competitions and internationally recognized events such as Restaurant Week.

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