Luxury lofts provide unique 'brutalist romance' living quarters in Prague

Real estate developer PSN is bringing architecturally stunning loft apartments that combine the best of town and country life to the market.

William Nattrass

Written by William Nattrass Published on 18.07.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 02.08.2023) Reading time: 4 minutes

Few things say modern chic like the stylish renovation of post-industrial properties. Old factories and warehouses are grand spaces that, given the magic touch of modern architectural expertise, can be turned into truly magnificent living quarters.

Real estate owner and developer PSN, responsible for Prague’s famous Dancing House and other high-profile developments, is now creating a prestigious new Vanguard Prague complex in Modřany. Luxury loft conversions will make impressive high-end apartments in an old factory which was the first "vertical factory" in Czechia. 

This striking spatial layout has allowed the conversion of an imposing building into attractive premium apartments marked out by their elegant design and luxury services.

Stunning modern spaces

PSN’s Vanguard projects see industrial buildings around the world renovated in a unique "brutalist romance" aesthetic style. From Brazil to Berlin, and from New York to London, Barcelona, and now Prague, PSN creates harmonious interior spaces that complement imposing exterior designs, enhancing old industrial buildings’ striking visual features.

The result is an exclusive selection of premium apartments. Combining modernist beauty with utility and historical interest, they’re not just living spaces; they’re also aesthetic gems and valuable investments. The new Prague Vanguard complex in Modřany brings this concept to one of the Czech capital’s hottest up-and-coming residential areas. 

Conversion of a vertical factory means residents enjoy the sense of spaciousness resulting from high ceilings that’s more often associated with historical residential buildings. Residents can turn these unusual spaces into a statement, creating living quarters that reflect their own personality. 

PSN has prepared three lofts which can be viewed as "showrooms" for the property and the Vanguard concept. These showroom flats were created by renowned designers, allowing viewers to take in the enormous potential of space in the development.

State-of-the-art services

Residents in Vanguard Prague won’t just get beautiful living spaces. They’ll also benefit from a remarkable suite of services and amenities.

"These lofts offer premium services in the 'club' style. Inside the building, there will be a swimming pool and a whirlpool, including a panoramic sauna. Meanwhile, there will be a lift capable of taking your car directly to your loft, so you can have your car directly available in your own living room,"' explains Marek Padevět, Director of Residential Projects at PSN.

Alongside these luxury features that sound like something from a movie set, the building will also provide fitness facilities, a 24/7 reception, Face ID-based door opening systems, and concierge services to help with day-to-day life and chores, saving precious time for more productive activities. A team of dedicated professionals will be on hand to discuss individual needs and accommodate requests.

Luxury in Modřany

Along with its luxury services and aesthetic appeal, the location of Vanguard Prague is also significant. Modřany is one of the most dynamically developing parts of the Czech capital, appealing to house buyers thanks to its combination of outdoor space and calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, excellent public transport connections, and a thriving local community. In Modřany, it’s possible to combine outdoor leisure activities such as cycling, golf, horse riding, and more with day-to-day work in the middle of Prague.

Along with premium developments such as Vanguard Prague, the area is also home to more affordable projects. PSN has another development just 30 meters away from Vanguard Prague, which will allow wealthy families to live in close proximity to each other. The two buildings will be connected via a tunnel, allowing tenants to walk from one to the other without even having to put their shoes on.

The boom in residential developments in Modřany means residents have access to excellent amenities and leisure facilities. Modřany is home to a thriving shopping scene, and it’s set to welcome numerous new retail spaces as more apartments arrive on the market.

The first records of Modřany date all the way back to 1088, when the area was named after blue Hyacinth plants that grew in a local meadow. It later turned into an industrial center, with sugar production a major local employer. Given this history and its modern development, Modřany is regarded as a promising investment destination. 

Now is the time to act for those interested in the opportunities for great quality living and sound investment presented by Vanguard Prague. Not many similar projects are in existence in Europe, and the chances of more being developed are currently slim.

"There is a limited offer of flats in this style, not only on the Czech market but also in Europe. Old factories aren’t often available these days, so if you want to invest in something unique and exclusive, this is an option that makes sense," says Marek Padevět.

For those seeking a luxury apartment in Prague, Vanguard Prague lofts are a win-win. They bring together modern amenities and services with unique historical interest, architectural beauty, and a sense of exclusivity. Set in an area whose appeal will only grow in the years to come, they’re an unusual opportunity for luxury living combining the best of Prague with all the benefits of the countryside.

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