Housing along a slope of Prague’s Vinohrady connects residents to the district's many parks

A scenic new development offers all the modern touches in a green setting that is filled with history and charm.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 25.10.2022 15:30:00 (updated on 10.11.2022) Reading time: 4 minutes

When the city walls came down at the end of the 19th century, the Royal Vineyards were connected to Prague’s New Town. Since then, the center of Vinohrady has been one of Prague's most desirable and prestigious districts. It offers all the benefits of living in the city center, while retaining a peaceful and family atmosphere with plenty of greenery. 

Developer PSN is building the Vila dům Na Vinici project in the popular district with refined architecture, excellent transport infrastructure and high-quality amenities, where everything is adapted to the satisfaction of the residents and a relaxed life. Approval of the house was completed in August this year.

The new Vila dům Na Vinici building is close to the popular Vinohrady park Grébovka on Perucká Street. It is inspired by the luxurious buildings of the First Republic era and at the same time embodies current approaches. The apartment building’s architectural design with one underground and four above-ground floors, the last one receding, pays attention to traditional housing values and respects the surrounding buildings. It makes ingenious use of the surrounding curves. By means of balconies, terraces, and windows it captures the energy of the local area.

The building comprises 27 apartments ranging in size from 27 square meters to 73 sqm and layouts from 1+kk to 3+kk, offering comfortable living space for individuals and entire families. Most flats have a balcony or a front garden. The residential units are characterized by timeless, practical, and cozy design. The play of light in the interiors is accompanied by harmonious natural tones. The clean lines and colors can be tastefully enlivened, for example, by green motifs.

The project does take advantage of modern technology for maximum user comfort. The apartments will include controlled ventilation with heat recovery, and on the top floor there will be a preparation for air conditioning. Garage parking and storage space are in the basement. 

Under the balconies there will be a paved terrace with direct access to the front garden on the basement roof, which transitions into an open space with lawn. This will provide residents with a quiet place to relax and gather.

Lively historical area with lots of greenery

Vila dům Na Vinici is a stone’s throw from Havlíčkovy sady, known to locals as Grébovka. The neo-Renaissance oasis delights visitor’s senses not only with hundreds of species of trees and flowers, but also with sculpture, water features and romantic buildings, headed by the impressive villa and complemented by the artificial grotto. 

The park complex also includes outdoor exercise equipment and a pétanque court. The long tradition of local winemaking has also been preserved in the form of hillside vineyards. The park is home to the Viniční altán and hosts an annual vinobraní wine-harvest celebration with carefully selected varieties. All of this can be admired on scenic paths with beautiful views of the city skyline.

Vinohrady is one of Prague’s most attractive residential areas, and over the past century it has grown dynamically, much to the satisfaction of its inhabitants. Villas in Vinohrady, in a mix of styles from classic to modern, are associated with Czech celebrities like writer Karel Čapek, politician Jan Masaryk, journalist Ota Pavel, industrialist Emil Kolben, sculptor Ladislav Šaloun, and architect Jan Kotěra.

Impressive public buildings were built across the center of Vinohrady, including schools, cultural venues, and hospitals. These continue to form impressive civic infrastructure. Together with new businesses, restaurants, cafés and shopping centers, as well as small specialty shops that ensure people have everything they need for a happy, active life. Transport links are provided by a densely woven network of tram stops with connections to metro lines, as well as a train from Vršovice station.

Vinohrady’s stylish shops, restaurants and cafés have been lauded by the prestigious UK magazine Time Out. In its ranking of the world's coolest neighborhoods, Vinohrady came in 32nd. Among other things, it praised the markets at Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, community life, sustainability, culture, culinary options, and the quality of green spaces.

Vinohrady's greenery starts with the district’s urban center at Náměstí Míru. Not only is it a major transport hub, but thanks to its lovely small park it has also become a pleasant place to relax. It was the first park to be created in Vinohrady on the site of the garden of the former estate of paper entrepreneur and politician Julius Eichman. 

Garden architect Leopold Batěk designed the park’s current look in 1911. He is also the author of the design of the nearby Riegrovy sady – a large green park between the Vinohrady streets of Italská, Chopinova, Polská and Vozová.

Náměstí Míru is home to the neo-Gothic style Church of St. Ludmilla as well as the impressive neo-Renaissance style Vinohrady Theater, covered in columns and statues, and the neo-Classical cultural center National House of Vinohrady, which still hosts many events.

Vinohrady only officially became a part of Prague in 1922 as part of a large expansion of the city. It was known as “Královské Vinohrady” or “Royal Vineyards” until 1968, and that name can sometimes still be seen on old signs. The word royal was seen as too bourgeois at the time, and it has never been restored. Vinohrady also used to be much larger and initially included what is now Žižkov, but the district was split in two in 1875.

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