Prague on list of world's most Instagrammable autumn cities: Here's where to see fall colors

The City of a Hundred Spires also sports lots of areas with colorful fall foliage to fill your social media feeds.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 14.10.2021 14:11:00 (updated on 14.10.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes

Prague is known for its beauty as well as its lush greenery. This combines to make it one of the top cities to post on Instagram in the autumn. A new survey placed Prague as the 17th most Instagrammed city in the world and eighth in Europe for autumn.

The leaves turn warm colors, accenting the reddish roofs and yellow buildings of the historical district. Signs promising hot wine can be spotted in the streets, and in the mornings and evenings, foggy mist can create an eerie vista.

UK-based hotel chain Premier Inn tracked hashtags for location names and words relating to autumn. Very large cities dominated the top of the list, but a few smaller ones like Prague and Milan managed to slip in.

The top cities worldwide were New York, London, Paris, Chicago, and Moscow. For Europe, the leaders were London, Paris, Moscow, Rome, and Berlin. In both lists, Prague was just behind Vienna and ahead of Amsterdam.

In Asia, the leaders were Seoul, Kyoto, and Tokyo. For Australia and New Zealand, which have autumn when the northern hemisphere has spring, the top cities were Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. South America saw Buenos Aires and Santiago on top, while Africa lagged behind with Cape Town and Johannesburg most popular.

Most photos of Prague posted to Instagram are of major tourist attractions, and it is possible to get nice shots of Prague Castle, the National Theatre, or Charles Bridge with some fall foliage, and if you are lucky even some swans in the foreground. Several spots along the banks of the Vltava offer ideal conditions.

To get the Vltava plus several bridges including Charles Bridge lined up, there is a lookout spot in Letná Park that has recently been renovated.

There are also good lookout points next to Prague Castle, by either the upper or lower entrances, that provide images of the historical center and the colorful leaves of Petřín Hill. The towers at either end of Charles Bridge, as well as the tower at the Church of St. Nicholas in Malá Strana and at the Old Town Hall also offer stunning vistas, but these also charge admission to enter.

To capture fall foliage, you don’t have to leave the city. Petřín is the easiest to reach, right in Malá Strana, and the wooded islands in the Vltava river can be reached either by foot from bridges or by boats that are part of the public transit system.

Urban forests include Kunratický les, located near the Roztyly and Chodov stops on the metro C line, and Divoká Šárka, at the end of tram lines 20 and 26. Despite its name, the park around the star-shaped Hvězda Summer Palace also offers pleasant walks in the woods in the fall. It can be found near the end of 22 and 25 tram lines. Prague’s largest forest, Klánovický les, is a bit harder to reach, requiring a short bus trip from metro Černý most.

Other notable places are Hostivař, Chuchle Grove, Prokopské údolí, and the remains of the Celtic settlement at Oppidum Závist.

Just outside of Prague, you can find the Dendrological Garden and Průhonice Park, both in Průhonice. These require admissions but are well worth it.

World's top cities to Instagram in the autumn

  • 1.New York, U.S.
  • 2.London, UK
  • 3.Paris, France
  • 4.Chicago, U.S.
  • 5.Moscow, Russia
  • 6.Seoul, South Korea
  • 7.Seattle, Washington
  • 8.Melbourne, Australia
  • 9.Rome, Italy
  • 10.Berlin, Germany
  • 11.Sydney, Australia
  • 12.Milan, Italy
  • 13.Kyoto, Japan
  • 14.Boston, Massachusetts
  • 15.Miami, U.S.
  • 16.Vienna, Austria
  • 17.Prague, Czech Republic
  • 18.Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 19.Tokyo, Japan
  • 20.Perth, Australia

Source:  Premier Inn

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