To go along with coronavirus dessert, Prague cafe now offers vaccine cake

Don't want a coronavirus cake? Prague's Black Madonna Cafe now offers a vaccine dessert, too

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 06.03.2021 12:14:00 (updated on 19.09.2021) Reading time: 1 minute

Last autumn, Prague's Černá Madona (Black Madonna) cafe became a hit online with their timely new dessert, a cake in the shape of a coronavirus molecule. Now, the cafe is also providing a vaccine.

The vaccine dessert has been launched by the cafe at a time when the Czech Republic is pushing to administer up to 100,000 actual COVID-19 vaccines per day within the next month.

Black Madonna's new vaccine dessert is made from sponge cake base, banana mousse, and a strawberry-banana filling.

While the base of the dessert can be enjoyed by all ages, it's topped off with a vaccine capsule that contains a splash of strawberry gin for adults.

In comparison, Black Madonna's coronavirus dessert is made from a hard chocolate shell, dusted with cocoa powder and dried raspberries, and filled with a pistachio ganache and raspberry puree.

On social media, the cafe stated that while customers suggested they make a wreath or coffin-shaped cake (traditional Czech desserts include věnečky, which translate to "wreaths", and rakvičky, or "coffins"), they wanted to stay positive and encourage people to get vaccinated.

Vaccine dessert via Černá Madona
Vaccine dessert via Černá Madona

Prague's Black Madonna cafe is located in the center of the Czech capital at the House at the Black Madonna, a cubist building and tourist attraction that is also home to the Czech Museum of Cubism.

Given current restrictions on freedom of movement in the Czech Republic, you don't need to venture into central Prague to get your hands on the vaccine cake. Černá Madona's desserts are also available on delivery services including Bolt, Wolt and Dáme jidlo.

The vaccine cake and the coronavirus dessert both go for 149 crowns.

If you want to give the vaccine cake as a gift, the cafe has also launched a website where users can create a special "vaccine certificate."

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