A 'Hotel For Your Stuff': Temporary storage solutions for expats in Prague

Looking for a place for your belongings while moving or renovating in the Czesch capital? Less Mess Storage has three locations to keep your stuff safe.

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 09.04.2024 17:31:00 (updated on 09.04.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

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Have you ever run into a situation when it’s time to leave your current apartment, but the new one isn’t ready yet? Or are you leaving the country for a few months but still have to pay rent? Maybe you’ve started a renovation or rearranging your flat? Those situations can be stressful, leaving a big question open: where to leave your belongings for that time?

What is a Hotel For Your Stuff?

A Hotel For Your Stuff can be a perfect solution at times like these. Less Mess Storage offers private self-storage boxes for your belongings. You can rent a unit of any size, from a small 0.5 sqm cell to a spacious 30 sqm storage unit. All rooms are climate-controlled and equipped with modern security systems so your belongings can stay in a safe space with perfect conditions. Thanks to 24-hour access, you can use your space anytime. Less Mess Storage offers a flexible contract for choosing the rental period based on your needs: weeks, months, or years.

How to rent?

The rental process is designed to be easy and transparent. You can book a unit through the website or by visiting one of the three locations in Prague. Choose between an indefinite or a fixed contract starting from just seven days. A 30-day notice period is required for cancellation.

What’s next?

After signing the contract, you need a padlock for your unit; you can bring your own or buy one at the store. The lock and other packing and moving accessories can be purchased at each Less Mess Storage store or online. Once you sign the contract, you will receive a personal PIN code that will ensure you always have access to your belongings. You can also purchase a key fob for the codeless access to the facility.

Mini storage for businesses

If you own a small or medium-sized business and need a space to store your goods, Less Mess can also be your solution. Whether you run a construction or renovation business or an online shop, Less Mess provides a convenient and secure space to store your goods and materials. A mini locker is an excellent option for sales representatives who need a place to store their marketing materials and product samples. See what a client says about running their business with Less Mess.

Less Mess Storage stores are conveniently situated in Prague 4, Prague 6, and Prague 7. This year, the store at Holešovice is getting ready to welcome more people and offer more enhanced units thanks to its expansion. Less Mess Storage can be your reliable partner in various situations, always keeping your precious things safe and secure. Are you not sure if self-storage is for you? Sign up for a trial period with half the price off for two months and see if it’s right for you. For the quote, please visit the website.

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