Got stuff? Storage solutions in Czechia help expats in transition

With three new facilities in Prague, Less Mess Storage brings professional, comprehensive storage services to customers in Czechia.

William Nattrass

Written by William Nattrass Published on 01.09.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 09.04.2024) Reading time: 4 minutes

Having too many belongings and too little space is a fact of modern life for many; but for expats, the build-up of clutter can be particularly unavoidable. Moving to a new country often entails furnishing a home and buying a host of items you otherwise wouldn’t need. What’s more, those living in Czechia for work or study are later confronted with the conundrum of what to do with their belongings when they leave, be it permanently or temporarily.

Many turn to cheap yet imperfect solutions for storing their belongings. Yet keeping items in a makeshift facility can come with significant drawbacks compared to professional modern storage services, potentially leading to nasty surprises further down the line.

State-of-the-art storage solutions are brought to Czech customers by Less Mess Storage, an international company operating a total of fifteen facilities in Poland and in Prague. The company focuses on saving headaches for those needing storage by providing high-quality spaces, flexible terms and the highest standards of customer care.

Storage spaces of all shapes and sizes

Less Mess Storage knows that when it comes to storing goods efficiently and safely, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, it offers spaces of various sizes, from “Mini” units of 1m2 or less to extra-large spaces of 50m2 and above.

“We gladly help our customers identify the size of the unit needed. We understand that if they rent too much or too little space then it won’t be sustainable, so we take care to make sure customers are happy with their chosen space and there’s always the possibility to move into a bigger or smaller unit,” explains Ondřej Šubrt, Operations Manager for Czechia at Less Mess Storage.

This wide range, coupled with additional services including the installation of storage shelves, makes the company’s high standards of care appealing to private customers and corporate clients alike.

“We are also a solution for corporate customers and small businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as private customers” says Ondřej.

Less Mess has three Czech facilities, in Prague 7, Prague 6 and Prague 4. A state-of-the-art new facility under construction at the company’s Holešovice location will soon provide customers with even more storage possibilities.

Healthy internal conditions

It isn’t just a wide range of storage options that sets Less Mess Storage apart from other providers in Czechia. The company knows that keeping precious items safe isn’t just about finding the right space; it’s also about ensuring the optimal internal conditions.

“A lot of the time, cheaper solutions entail storing your goods in some old cellar or garage with lousy air circulation, where your things can easily become damaged. This is not the case with Less Mess,” explains Ondřej.

“Air quality in our units is controlled to prevent dampness, with temperatures kept within specified limits to provide assurance that valuables such as paintings or musical instruments can safely be stored in our facilities. I wouldn’t put a Stradivarius violin in a container or an old cellar previously used for storing potatoes!”

The high-quality and security of Less Mess’s facilities make its spaces suitable for storing all kinds of valuable goods, with the only prohibited items being perishable goods, animals and plants whose storage is regulated by specific legislation, explosive or flammable goods, toxic and corrosive substances, and illegally-owned items such as firearms.

Accessibility and security

Security is another key attribute for any storage facility. At Less Mess, advanced safety systems use modern technology to ensure that only customers can gain access to stored goods.

Customers have convenient 24/7 access to their Less Mess unit. A high-tech system incorporating personal PIN codes, unauthorized access alarms and individual unit alarms makes it easy to pinpoint who has been in and out the building. Individual units are secured by personal padlocks provided by Less Mess, with customers also at liberty to use their own padlock if they wish to do so.

Convenient terms and strong support

Less Mess prioritizes excellent customer service throughout the rental process, offering various additional services to ease the burden of storing goods.

“Our package includes the sale of wrapping and packaging materials, while we can also arrange transportation. We provide other personal services too; we can collect packages on your behalf at our premises, for example, so that you don’t have to wait at home for the courier to arrive. We can then put your package directly into your unit, if you give us the means and permission to enter,” explains Ondřej.

In addition, Less Mess emphasizes flexibility in its rental terms. Customers can change their space if it turns out to be too big or too small for their needs, while rental periods vary widely to meet individual needs.

“You can rent a unit for as little as seven days, though the average rental period is several months. Just compare the ease of this process with renting a garage, small flat, or office, which involves far more paperwork. With us, the rental process is clear and easy, and you have the space for exactly as long as you need,” says Ondřej.

Stress-free storage

Opting for Less Mess Storage provides security for your belongings as well as peace of mind for yourself, as the company brings international best practice to its three Prague facilities. As Ondřej points out, “it’s worth investing the money to get this level of security.”

A flexible attitude means customers can rest easy, from first contact all the way through to the day they take their belongings back out of storage. “Nothing is impossible,” says Ondřej. “We craft a tailor-made solution for each customer so that whatever your requirements, we will identify the right space and provide all the services you need.”

This article was written in cooperation with Less Mess Storage. Read more about our partner content policies here.

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