Kids' parties in Prague

It's party time...for kids

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Your child is about to celebrate his or her birthday, and you want to organize something more than cake, sweets and games. Check out the options below for different ideas for birthday party venues in Prague.


Hard Rock Café isn’t only for adults. The rock’n’roll themed restaurant chain also provides all you need for the junior music fan in your household. When you book with Hard Rock Café, the birthday boy or girl gets a complimentary hot fudge sundae as well as a special gift. Meals for the party guests can be organized either as a group or they can choose from kids’ menus. HRC can also help with the organization of other entertainment for the party such as clowns, stilt walkers, puppet shows, and – since this is Hard Rock Café – karaoke at an additional charge.

Kids' parties in Prague

One typical image parents have of kids’ birthdays is children running around wired on excess sugar. If that image fills you with horror, perhaps you should consider Beckiland an entertainment center filled with all manner of things for kids to run through, jump on, bounce on, climb on, and ride in. It’s exhausting just looking at the pictures, so it’s ideal for energetic kids. Beckiland offer three types of parties: turtle, parrot and tiger. They can also organize a clown for an extra 500 CZK.

If you want your kids to cool off while they’re having fun, a birthday at Aqua Palace in Prague could be for you. They have a choice of four kids’ menus ranging in price from 135 CZK to 255 CZK. They can organize the cakes as well, decorating it as you wish. For information and bookings, contact the email address at the first link.

Kids' parties in Prague

Maybe your child and his/her friends are creative types. Or you’re just looking for a quieter alternative. In either case, maybe you should consider the community arts space Muddum. Birthday parties at Muddum give kids a chance to make things from clay or paper puppets. Parties can be themed, choosing from fairy princess, Star Wars, dinosaurs or whatever your kid’s imagination conjures up. Muddum also has invitations. For further information, or to book, contact them.

Some of you might be looking for a simple, old-fashioned party with food, face painting, and games. Lefík offers just that. Their party plan seems especially suited for younger kids from 3 to 6. Price and activities can be found here by opening the PDF linked to the red text at the top of the page. While the website is not in English, the representatives there do speak English. One requirement is that you have to book three weeks in advance.

What’s a party without cake? The obvious place to get cake is in a cafe like Kafé Kakao. For 800 CZK you can hire out the whole cafe space. For an additional charge, they’ll organize (apart from the birthday cake) a large range of sweets as well as entertainment including workshops, magicians, puppet shows and more. And because it’s a café, it gives parents a chance to relax. You might even want to invite some of your own friends.

Kids' parties in Prague

Koala Cafe is another family entertainment center which doesn’t forget the parents. The center is available for birthdays, though one adult is required to supervise for every 5 kids. However, if you are roped in to supervising, at least you can relax afterwards with a beer or a glass of wine.

Lastly, you can always organize a party with McDonald’s (in Czech). The party is for children no younger than 5 and the restaurant will organize the cake.

It’s not necessary to go somewhere. You can have the party at home. Even so, you might want to have someone organize it for you.

Programy pro děti offer a wide range of party ideas which they will organize where ever you want. Their party themes can be found under the heading ‘PÁRTY PROGRAM’. The list is quite long. To get you an idea here are some of what they offer:

The information is all in Czech. However, the contact people speak English and the company is happy to organize events with the language in mind. The best approach with this company is to send an email to one of the contact people with your requests and budget and they will send you an offer.

Bezva Párty are another company which offer a range of themes for parties. Prices start from 1900 CZK for an animal-themed party up to 6600 CZK for a fairy tale ball. The prices can be for a maximum number of children (usually 8) with additional charges per child. With so much to choose from, each party will vary and the price can include hire of costumes, balloon animals, and even photography. The company can also organize a birthday cake for around 500 CZK, or a piñata for 1300 CZK. The company said that if you want to communicate with them in English it is best by email.

Creative Party will also come to you. They offer face painting, games, a kid’s disco, bubble blowing, balloon animals, face painting, and body glitter. The party is organized based on the requests of the parents. The organizer speaks English, but admits many of the activities are run in Czech. If you are interested send an email or call.

Balon Dekor promise to turn your event to an extraordinary experience. Their most favourite programs among children are magician, balloon show, balloon dancing fun, clown and they also offer facepainting, twingle sparkling tattoo, caricaturists, or children workshops like balloon modeling and many creative ones.

The last option is to do it all yourself from the food to the decorations. Or at least source the companies that will do these things.

Pro Párty is an e-shop which offers a wide range of party supplies from helium to piñatas. They can also arrange games and have some advice for people planning their own party.

Moje Párty organizes parties and offers supplies. They have quite a large list of party themes to choose from. Or you can order exactly what you need. They have an especially wide assortment of balloons. is another option for party supplies. They have balloons, helium, party hats and whistles, and other paraphenalia.

If you’re looking for a tent, Red X is one possibility. Their tents start at 31,999 CZK for 3m x 6m. Click on the dimensions on this page for other prices.

ALL4FUN is the place to go for costumes, though not all will be suitable for a kid’s party.

For the all-important birthday cake, you can try these CAKE SHOPS:
Mistr cukrář
Snídejte šampanské
Ehartova Cukrárna
Cukrárna Hájek a Hájková

What tips do you have for planning a kid’s birthday party?

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