Heavy Snowfall Blankets Czech Republic

Thousands without power, trains in Central Bohemia stopped due to fallen trees

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 01.03.2016 10:33:09 (updated on 01.03.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

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Heavy snowfall in Central Bohemia blanketed the Czech capital yesterday afternoon and evening, and Prague residents woke up this morning to find a thick sheen across many areas of the city.

But the snow has also brought some complications.

Fallen trees have resulted in road closures and have stopped train service on multiple lines in Central Bohemia, reports iDnes.cz this morning. Estimates suggest that it will be another eight hours before normal service is resumed. 

The trees have also cut power for thousands of residents in Prague-East, Prague-West, Benešov, and Příbram, according to provider ČEZ, who has declared a state of emergency in four counties.

And public transport (bus) service in the outskirts of Prague has been limited or halted in some areas; click here for a list of line closures from PID. 

Late Monday evening, several planes were diverted from Vaclav Havel Airport due to the amount of snow on the runways. The Airport also reported numerous delays, but normal service has resumed as of Tuesday morning.  

Until midnight Wednesday, snowfall is expected to continue throughout the country, with the storms that affected Bohemia yesterday moving east to Moravia today. Up to 30cm of snowfall is expected in the area.

Be alert today if you’re on the roads. 

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