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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on (updated on 14.06.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

Elevate your standing in Prague's corporate sphere with our exclusive profile service. Highlight your top management to our diverse readership, comprising industry peers and potential clients.

Strengthen your personal brand by directing clients and colleagues to this impactful article. They'll gain insights into your leadership prowess and strategic acumen.

  • Our team will craft an engaging interview in English, sharing your unique vision and industry insights. It's an ideal platform for introducing new management and amplifying your expertise.
  • To augment your digital footprint, we'll include a photo gallery and company website links. Coupled with top-tier SEO, we ensure optimized visibility and reputation enhancement online.

Our service is not just an introduction; it's proof of your competence, establishing your position as an industry thought-leader. Embrace this chance to share the vision driving your success. Stand out as the leader others look up to. Let your voice resonate.

Expats.cz Leader Talks

Key benefits:

  • Introduce your company thousands of readers and business leaders
  • Receive a professionally written interview/profile in English
  • Refer your clients & other managers to the article for authority and personal branding
  • Include photo gallery & links to your website
  • Excellent SEO optimization for reputation building online
  • Demonstrate your competency with a professional viewpoint


  • 40,000 CZK + DPH per Article
  • Production time: 30 days


We are proud to work with respected brands such as; Microsoft, BMW, Mercedes, DHL, ABSL, Pure Storage, Enrico, Aures, VOLVO, Pilsner Urquell, American Chamber and more.

Photography services

Photography is available direct from our preferred provider Ken Trevor, https://www.kentrevor.com/ or call: +420 727 827 633 or contact here.

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