Czech Post to waive fees for shipping packages to Ukraine from March 1

Concerned locals will be able to send their own aid packages free of charge from the Czech Republic to Ukraine starting next week.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 26.02.2022 14:42:00 (updated on 26.02.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

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The Czech government as well as its national institutions continue to provide aid to Ukraine and its citizens. As of March 1, Czech Post has announced that it will waive all fees for sending standard-size packages to Ukraine.

The move will allow locals with family in Ukraine, or anyone in the Czech Republic who wishes to send help to those in the country, to send packages free of charge. Czech Post joins Czech Railways in facilitating humanitarian aid from the Czech Republic following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"In difficult times, the post office has always been an essential link in unusual situations between people and nations," Czech Post writes in a statement released on its website. "We hoped that this role was a thing of the past rather than something on the current agenda. But we are still learning."

Packages can be sent to a specific person or institution in Ukraine via Czech post branches throughout the Czech Republic free of charge from March 1 until further notice. Up to five standard-size packages (up to 30 kilograms) can be sent per person.

While the fees for sending packages will be waived, a customs declaration must still be filed since Ukraine is outside the EU. The declaration can be filled out in advance online or in person at a branch of Czech Post.

Packages under €100 in value (with the exception of some products, including cigarettes and alcohol) automatically clear customs and recipients do not need to pay a customs fee when arriving in Ukraine. More information can be found at the website of Ukraine's National Post.

In order to speed up the shipping process, Czech Post asks customers to fill out necessary details including the customs declaration online (also available in English) before bringing the package to a Czech Post branch. Just make sure to select "Standard Package" (economy or priority) from the dropdown menu.

"The Czech Post is an apolitical and neutral institution," Czech Post writes on its website.

"We do not differentiate among our clients according to their political opinions, according to their sexual orientation, according to skin color, according to nationality. And that is why we comply with applicable laws and also generally-accepted social norms. And aggression and war attacks are certainly not among those standards."

According to Czech Post, the company employs 124 Ukrainian citizens, most of whom work logistics centers in Prague and Brno. While the company has not yet seen an increase applications for leave, they have pledged to make accommodations for any employees who need to depart due to the current situation in Ukraine.

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