Czech charities to support this Giving Tuesday

Join a global movement of generosity by contributing to causes that support people in need.

Ioana Caloianu

Written by Ioana Caloianu Published on 29.11.2022 12:44:00 (updated on 29.11.2022) Reading time: 3 minutes

Giving Tuesday was born a decade ago, when the New York cultural and community center 92nd Street Y chose the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving holiday to foster a sense of community and generosity, according to The New York Times. The initiative, which was created in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, grew into a global movement that inspired hundreds of million of people to fundraise for a wide variety of causes.

In the Czech Republic, the platform dedicated to Giving Tuesday raised CZK 95 million last year for charitable causes, and offers a wide variety of fundraising options for this year too. The website offers a listing of opportunities for giving and volunteering, which range from supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds and seniors, to donating to animal welfare, environmental causes, or supporting cultural and sports programs.

Many of the organizations have e-shops that offer gifts, allowing you to do your Christmas shopping while also bringing your contribution to worthy causes.

Everyone has something to offer ー time, expertise, money, large and small in-kind donations, food, clothing, toys. Giving Tuesday connects and inspires people of all nationalities, religions and communities to do good deeds.

Donate to a cause close to your heart

Speechless Reconciliation | Under the banner of "cross-cultural experiences without an explicit common language," the project focuses on bringing together groups of young adults (aged 16 to 21) from different countries, and on helping them find common ground without a shared language, bond, and expand their vision of what they can achieve in their own lives.

The initiative, which is a project of the Rotary Club Prague International in the Czech Republic, organizes developmental camps that include workshops on skills, as well as job fairs and long-term opportunities for professional and personal development.

Zdravotní klaun | The NGO helps bring smiles to children in hospitals across the Czech Republic. Additionally, donations allow Health Clowns to bring red-nosed cheer to the elderly in homes and hospices.

There are currently 93 professional Health Clowns in the Czech Republic, who regularly visit 63 hospitals, 10 homes for the elderly and one hospice. Through their special programs, Health Clowns have a positive effect on the psychological well-being of children and adults, which in turns stimulates an active approach to life and positive thinking. The specialists at Zdravotní klaun also regularly train caretakers and medical students.

Teribear | Tereza Maxová Foundation's project combines fundraising and top design, while its proceeds go toward the development and support of substitute family care, and for all-around assistance to families in need and children at risk.

The collections, which were created specially for the Teribear projects, stand out through the quality of their production, and annual limited editions. The current range offers beautiful gift possibilities for your nearest and dearest, such as a set of champagne glasses, children's bedding, or wireless earphones, all of them with the Teribear logo.

Obědy pro děti | The project, which was created by the Women for Women NGO, helps children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their lunches in school canteens, which oftentimes are the only regular hot meal that the children have access to. To fulfill its mission, Lunch for Children partnered up with primary schools, or school canteens, on the basis of a donation contract, which ensures that the lunches actually reach the children.

You can buy certificates ranging from CZK 100 to 100,000 in the Women for Women e-shop.

Sue Ryder | More than 10,600 senior citizens seek help from the Sue Ryder NGO every year. Since its founding 24 years ago, the organization helped 36,700 people with services that include counseling, specialized medical care, personal assistance that allows them to continue living in their own home, and rehabilitation.

"Sometimes it takes just one unwary movement, a little health problem, and the world of an old man or a woman breaks into pieces," reads Sue Ryder's Christmas campaign for the frailest old people, which you can support either through a one-time or regular donation.

Fundraiser for Mirella Kreder | The certified mediator has started a fundraiser that allows her to conduct pro-bono training for the PCR FOUNDATION (PCR stands for Peace & Conflict Resolution), run by Samuel Muderwha and his wife Rachel, located in Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The foundation works towards Peace Building through scholarships for children, trauma healing for victims of war and peace education on the ground. Kreder's trainings focus on emotion management and non-violent communication to form peace agreements.

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