Must-Visit Microbrewery Beer Gardens

Small Prague breweries with great gardens plus a few worth traveling to

Aaron Johns

Written by Aaron Johns Published on 10.07.2013 10:15:22 (updated on 10.07.2013) Reading time: 3 minutes

This year’s summer beer garden round-up is dedicated to small breweries with beer gardens. In addition, we’d like to get you out of your normal ‘go-to’ beer gardens, so we’ve selected a few must-try breweries located just outside of Prague. 

New Prague breweries with gardens

Pivovar Hostivar

What a beautiful space! This brewery has been open to the public for just a few months, and now that summer is here they have put together a gorgeous garden to serve their line-up of really nice beers.

11º Světle
12º Plotmave
15º Ale
They have one tap for seasonals, currently pouring Cyklistická osmička, an 8º (3.4% alcohol) light beer. I love these easy-drinking summer beers.

The menu is simple and mostly Czech with some light options. Though the highlight for me is their 145-CZK burger and fries, it can hang with some of Prague’s best.

Hornoměcholupská 564
Praha 10 – Hostivař
Tel. 702 202 903

Pivovar Hostivar
Pivovar Hostivar

Šĸolička – Minipivovar Beznoska

Another new arrival to the scene, and worth the trip to Prosek. Huge outdoor seating area complete with playground, so take the little ones and get out of the center.

12º Světlý ležák
12º Tmavý pšeničný Koloušek
12º Pšeničný Koloušek
12º American Pale Ale
14º Klíčovská polotmavá

Another brewery sporting a good, well-priced burger and fries along with their classic Czech dishes.

Klíčovská 805/11
Prague 9 – Prosek
Tel. 286 583 299

Yet another new brewery to add to the list. This gorgeous building and huge garden area sit along the river, perfect for a summer afternoon beer. The beer can be hit or miss at times, hopefully they work out the kinks and get a little more consistency.

10º světlé (light)
12º Ležák (lager)
11º Pšeničné (wheat)
15º IPA

Full Czech menu including Czech grill classics. The food here is very good.

Jankovcova 12
Prague 7 – Holešovice
Tel. 220 571 183

Pivovar Marina Holešovice
Pivovar Marina Holešovice

Worth-the-trip brewery beer gardens outside Prague

Just on the outskirts of Prague, but quick and easy to get to via public transport. (Hop on bus number 355 from Dejvická.) Únětice is my front-runner in the Czech lager category. They keep it simple, making a 10º and a 12º. The question is: Do you like the 10º or the 12º, filtered or unfiltered? 

Únětická 10º
Únětická 12º

Holiday specials
13º Christmas half-dark special
11º Masopustní (farewell to meat) black. This comes out around Lent.

Traditional Czech fare with a bit of a gourmet twist.

Rýznerova 19
Tel. 777 306 509

Únětický Pivovar
Únětický Pivovar

Just outside of Prague, but more than worth the trip. They are celebrating 20 years of operation this year, so go for a beer in one of their two gardens and wish them success for another 20.


10º Světlá 10°
12º Polotmavá 12°
12º Zazvorova 12°
12º Černá 12°

This brewery also offers a wide selection of styles to accompany their Czech essentials. Recently they made rye beer that was very well done, and their Mondeo Ale was a bitter and sour beauty. Depending on the season or the mode of the brewer, you can come across anything from wheat beers and pale ales to stouts and IPA’s.

As with most breweries you will find well-made Czech favorites here as well as some unique dishes (ostrich medallions, spicy rabbit leg).

Hlavní 525
Tel. 311 670 075 

A short train ride from Prague and a nice walk along the Berounka River. This sleek pivotel (beer hotel) makes for a perfect day trip if you have friends or family in town or ride your bike. Have lunch and a few beers and grab the train back to Prague. Beers are brewed by Josef Korbel, brew master at Pilsner Urquell for 30 years.

10º Light
12º Lager
Third tap pours a seasonal.

Czech standards with interesting and well-made daily specials such as pork braised in black beer.

Dobřichovická 452
Lety u Dobřichovic
Tel. 257 711 296 

What are your summer beer gardens of choice in Prague and beyond?

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