A successful American network of schools is making a name for itself in Prague

BASIS Prague provides preschool to high school education with a unique curriculum which fosters interdisciplinary subjects and emphasizes interactivity.

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BASIS Prague is a successful American school offering continuous education from preschool to high school graduation. Developed by Czech-American Olga V. Block, the curriculum integrates proven and innovative concepts from around the world. Since 2020, BASIS Prague has been implementing this idea, following more than two decades of success in the U.S. The key to their achievement lies in enthusiastic and satisfied students.

"The natural desire to learn new things is very pronounced in young children. When they discover that learning helps them understand and analyze the world around them, and that it leads to constant improvement, it's half the battle won," explains Pavel Růžička, Director for Development of BASIS Prague schools.

The school's villa in Podolí already needs expansion due to its capacity, and plans are underway to provide students with additional space and a new sports field. Moreover, preparations are in motion for the second stage of the elementary school and high school in a villa in Bubeneč.

A fundamental pillar of the school is its unique curriculum, which fosters interdisciplinary subjects and emphasizes interactivity. The teachers guide students to analyze the world critically, encouraging them to understand beyond surface levels.

"We implement this concept starting from our preparatory year (grade zero). Through games, trials, and experiments, our students practice the taught concepts in each subject," says Ondřej Konár, the Director of Academics. By emphasizing the connections and links between subjects, teachers ensure that students grasp the material better and enjoy learning.

BASIS Prague integrates modern technologies into education through their own educational software platform, SPORK. This platform allows students to practice their knowledge while providing real-time feedback to teachers about their understanding of the material. Additionally, tablets are used during lessons to teach students to use technology productively, moving beyond mere entertainment.

"We chose BASIS Prague for its comprehensive concept from preschool to high school graduation. Our children attend both the preschool and the school, and we are delighted to provide them with the best education possible. The individual approach to children is particularly commendable. It's gratifying to witness how the well-thought-out program constantly helps them progress. We are thrilled with our decision to choose BASIS Prague."

-V. & R. Tyll, parents of a BASIS students

Quality teachers are of paramount importance at BASIS Prague, where an international team of educators is dedicated to developing each student's personality. Key subjects are currently taught by two teachers simultaneously per class, a method that has proven to be effective.

English is the primary language at BASIS Prague, immersing students in an English-speaking environment not only during lessons but also during lunch, breaks, and extracurricular activities.

This approach helps students quickly and effortlessly master the English language, while the Czech language remains a significant component of the program, allowing students to become bilingual and opening up further educational opportunities for their future.

Konár concludes, "We welcome anyone interested in our education program and are happy to introduce them to our school."

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