Where to Go for a Beer in Old Prague

Do you feel like having a perfect pint and something to eat in Old Prague? Here’s a few tips.

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Great beer and some nibbles

You will love Old Prague and its historical and, at the same time, vibrant atmosphere. The narrow streets offer plenty of places to visit and sit down over a perfectly drawn pint of Czech beer, with a great foaming head. And headcheese with fresh chopped onion and homemade meatloaf go nicely with it. These and other delicacies, plus beer drawn in several different styles, including Crème, Milk (aka Sweet) and Slice, are offered at Lokál v Dlouhé. At the U Provaznice Pub in Old Prague, you will be treated to Utopenci (literally “Drowned Ones”), or picked sausages, one of the typical Czech snacks that go great with beer.

‘U provaznice’ Pub: Even the most frequented streets of Prague’s centre offer places to relax
‘U provaznice’ Pub: Even the most frequented streets of Prague’s centre offer places to relax

Beer accompanied by traditional cuisine


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We all know the feeling – beer often makes you hungry and your taste buds will start to crave a good dinner. Then Mincovna is the place for you, a new modern restaurant offering Pilsner lager with beef sirloin in cream sauce or beef goulash. Their beer will satisfy every beer connoisseur: large copper beer tanks will welcome you upon entering the premise. Fans of hog-slaughter feasts and meat prepared in all possible ways are recommended to visit the Konvikt restaurant on Bartolomějská Street. Great eaters and gourmets can treat themselves to traditional Bohemian Roast Duck and Sauerkraut or Moravian ‘Sparrow’ (pieces of roast pork), for example, at the U Vejvodů and Krčma restaurants, where the meat is served with their homemade bread prepared using an old Bohemian recipe. Czech beer snacks are also available at Pivnice u Rudolfina and PUOR V Kolkovně.

‘Mincovna’ – a modern restaurant with traditional beer
‘Mincovna’ – a modern restaurant with traditional beer

Beer in the open, only a few steps away from historic sights

You can have a beer and relish the sights of Old Prague simultaneously as the Old Town Square and other historical points are surrounded by some fantastic restaurants with outdoor seating. One example to give you an idea – right in the centre of the square sits the Staroměstská restaurant with a ‘garden’. This medieval house has been run as a public inn for hundreds of years, offering guests a view of the Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock.

Pilsner beer right from the tank

There are also ‘tank pubs’ to be found in Prague’s centre. What are they like? These pubs feature a state-of-the-art system for draught beer. The beer from these tanks is the closest you can get to that maturing in a brewery’s lager cellar. The ‘tanks’ are large stainless vessels with a volume of 5 or 10 HL, located directly on the premises. They are filled with unpasteurised beer kept in a special bag. The golden brew is drawn by squeezing the bag, thus preventing it coming into contact with air, which has a positive impact on the beer’s quality and life. You can use the special Pilsner Urquell Navigator to find the tank pub nearest to you.

Our tip to keep you from getting bored

You definitely won’t get bored at the Katr restaurant: In addition to the classic offer of the place – Pilsner beer – consumers will have fun at tables with built-in grills, on which they can prepare meat, purchased from a well-tried butcher, all by themselves. 

Where to Go for a Beer in Old Prague

‘Katr’ and its special grills in dining tables
‘Katr’ and its special grills in dining tables

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