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A new sweets brand has entered the Czech market Staff

Written by Staff Published on 07.09.2010 09:42:46 (updated on 07.09.2010) Reading time: 1 minute

A new sweets brand has entered the Czech market – namely Thorntons Chocolates. The British premium chocolate brand Thorntons is now enjoying a growing presence in central Europe and carries with it a wide portfolio of sweets. As of the start of September, Thorntons offers a wide collection of products including chocolate collections, chocolate bars, candy mixes and a special line for diabetics. By the end of 2010, Thorntons is planning an increase in its product range. Thorntons chocolates can be purchased at 16 locations in the Czech Republic.

The world renowned Thorntons brand is now offering chocolates destined for the Czech Market from the start of September. Through contractual distributors, Thorntons will introduce a wide array of chocolate collections, chocolate bars and candy mixes for affordable prices. The offering will also include a unique offering for diabetics.

From Central Europe, the Czech Republic is the first country where Thorntons will begin its distribution. “We have chosen the Czech market for its strategic position in the heart of Europe and its flexibility during times of crisis”, said Mark Hughes, the Thorntons representative for the Czech Republic. The Thorntons brand will present itself primarily through retail channels.

“Given the fact that Thorntons´ products have gained great popularity with customers, we are planning an increase in the product range by the end of 2010,” as was further added by Mark Hughes with reference to future plans. Thorntons manufactures its products in line with its traditional recipe without any artificial conservatives. None of the products are made using genetically modified materials.

In the UK, where it has been operating for 99 years, Thorntons has 379 shops, 250 franchise operations and employs over 4000 people. Thorntons is among the leading sweets manufacturers, which is further reinforced by the fact that the revenues in 2009 reached 214 million Pounds and the profit exceeded 8 million respectively. This success would not be possible without products of utmost quality and reasonable pricing.

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