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Written by Staff Published on 15.07.2010 15:29:54 (updated on 15.07.2010) Reading time: 1 minute

Prague´s Aldente Trattoria Italiana introduces on August 1st, 2010 the new service “Picnic” for real gourmets of Italian Cuisine. Whether at home or in nature, the client can decide on the location and time and the mobile Aldente team will prepare exquisite Italian specialties in an authentic style and deliver them.

“We want to offer our clients an unforgettable experience, where their only duty is to relax and enjoy,” stated Aldente owner Antonio Ciullo. The intention is to give all lovers of fine Italian cuisine the choice of dinning outside a restaurant property.

The procedure is very simple:

1) Option At Home

After arranging time and location, the chef will bring all necessary accessories and ingredients and prepare the menu of choice in client´s kitchen. Whether you are a cooking expert or barely use your kitchen, you are able to enjoy this experience, whether it is enjoying the gourmet Italian meal or learning new cooking skills from real culinary masters.  

2) Option Outside

It is also possible to arrange romantic picnics in the nature; allow yourself to get inspired by Prague´s countless parks, hills and riverbanks. Picnic in the grass, with a breathtaking view, in the shadows of the trees, or at night in candlelight is the perfect and pleasant way to spend the summer nights and days.

Aldente Trattoria Italiana opened in May 2007 in Vezenska Street, in the district known as “Little Italy” in the heart of Prague 1.  It is one of many restaurants owned by Antonio Ciullo, including such locations as Munich, Oslo, Prague and Torino. The trattoria has been rewarded prestigious culinary titles and it is famous for its authentic atmosphere and delicious menus, which change ever 14 days.

For more information on Aldente Picnic please call Petr Solar at 732 832 209 or write to

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