Prague ranked among world's most creative cities in new survey

The Czech capital comes in at #23 in a new list of the world's most creative cities that factors in art, music, theater and more

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky
Published on 02.10.2020 12:00 (updated on 05.10.2020)

Prague has been ranked among the world's most creative cities in a new list published by, a printing service that specializes in physical prints of Instagram photos.

Infiki used a variety of criteria to assess the creativeness of major cities across the world, including a city's number of theaters, galleries, museums, music clubs and comedy clubs, its amount of street art, number of hometown music artists, and notable monuments and landmarks.

In the final tally, Prague came in at #23 in Infiki's list of the most creative cities. Paris topped the list, while Barcelona, Dublin, London and Tel Aviv rounded out the top five. A total of 75 countries were included in rankings.

The Czech capital ranked highest in its number of art galleries and theaters, coming in at #8 in both categories. Prague's number of music clubs also ranked in the top 10, coming in at #9.

Prague also ranked high for its number of noteworthy architectural buildings, ranking #12 on the list, and its number of monuments and attractions, coming in at #16.

Each of these rankings were based on a city's size in square miles, rather than the number of raw attractions. This significantly skews the data versus a ranking based on population size, however.


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Prague is nearly five times larger than Paris, for example, but has about 40% less residents. The Czech capital may have ranked much higher were the tallies based on population rather than landmass.

Prague ranked lowest, meanwhile, in the categories of street art instagram posts (#53), and hometown music artists (#47).

These are Infiki's top 25 most creative cities:

  • 1. Paris
  • 2. Barcelona
  • 3. Dublin
  • 4. London
  • 5. Tel Aviv
  • 6. New York City
  • 7. Milan
  • 8. Los Angeles
  • 9. Miami
  • 10. Porto
  • 11. Amsterdam
  • 12. San Francisco
  • 13. Chicago
  • 14. Lisbon
  • 15. Buenos Aires City
  • 16. Penang Island
  • 17. Berlin
  • 18. Orlando
  • 19. Brussels
  • 20. Vancouver
  • 21. Los Vegas
  • 22. Florence
  • 23. Prague
  • 24. Honolulu
  • 25. Melbourne

What are the world's least creative cities? Infiki ranked Antalya (Turkey), Heraklion (Greece), Shanghai, Johor Bahru (Malaysia), and Ha Noi at the bottom of its list of 75 countries. The criteria for being included on the list was not disclosed.